Top 5 best methods to get rid of spiders

Most people naturally fear spiders. However, away from their scary hairy bodies, these smart insects can be beneficial to humans. They feed on other pests like house flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Some even hunt and eat small mice. 

Spiders are tiny creatures, they can easily crawl through small gaps; air vents pipes and other openings in your house. They are attracted to your home as they seek food, search for the best weather conditions for their survival, and in search of mating partners. 

Spiders are predators, this means that they will feed on other pests around your house but if you need your house spider free here are the best five methods to spider-proof your building. 

Keep the spiders out

The best way to ensure that spiders stay out of your home is by first ensuring that you do not provide the conditions for them to thrive. Spiders are naturally shy and they prefer making their homes outside on plants, wooden structures, or dark unused equipment like old trucks, buckets, or tires. 

Having these things around your home increases the possibility of these insects sneaking in. if you can’t dispose of then try widening the distance between the junk and your home. Identify any possible entry points to your home and ensure they are properly sealed. 

Before sealing the cracks clean the area with recommended repellents. 

Use spider repellents 

Spiders are nocturnal which means they do not move around too much. They prefer dark spaces and this makes them extremely hard to spot them. The best way to prevent spiders from invading your provide an inhabitable environment. 

Repellents will emit scents that are pleasing to humans but unbearable to the spiders. You can also use home remedies like the use of essential oils and eucalyptus. You can also mix water and vinegar and spray specific areas around your home. You will need to perform this operation regularly to ensure they do not return.

Spider Traps 

For these traps to be effective you first have to identify the areas where the spider is prone to passing and frequenting. Traps will lure the spiders using pleasant aromas that attract spiders. Traps are especially good if do not intend in killing the spiders. You can trap the harmless and release them to the wild. Traps are best if you have seen more than two spiders. 

Spider Poison 

Poisons are the best option when you think the situation is getting out of hand. Place the poison around the places where you have seen the spiders. The poison will lure them out with an aroma that deceives the spiders to think that it is consumable. 

This works well in getting rid of spiders in areas that are hard to reach. The poison will kill the spiders and this will mean that it will be hard to clean up the carcasses. Ensure that the poison you use is specifically created for the elimination of spider for it to be effective. 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is neither a poison nor a repellent. It has a unique way of getting rid of insects; it is made up of remains of aquatic organisms. The particles are sharp and cut through insects that walk across. 

The spiders that attempt to crawl on the diatomaceous earth are repeatedly cut and will eventually die from dehydration. To apply the diatomaceous earth sprinkle some near the entry points identified like windows and doors. You can also apply some to the dark places and corners of your house. 

Ensure that you check the brand of diatomaceous earth that you are purchasing. Ensure that is safe for ingestion as anything else would be toxic to your pets and family members. 

When to call a professional 

The methods mentioned above work well in getting rid of spiders in your home. They however will not work well in the mitigation of large numbers that might be hiding and breeding in your home. Pest technicians are well trained to ensure that they eradicate these insects effectively.

If you identify venomous spiders you shouldn’t put yourself in danger and call a professional pest removal service like Empire Pest Control Company in London to handle it for you. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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