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About Us: Having a home of own choice is a need of almost everyone. If you have a home of your dream then you are really a lucky person. We all dream for our dream home. Is not it? One of our most cherished dreams is to have a home of our dream.  Making a home is not a matter of just spending money but it will be your engagement that will produce your home, the home of your dream. We are also home enthusiast like many of you. I always love to learn about new home tips and tricks so that our homes look more attractive than never before. So I with the help of Pritam started this blog. Residence Talk will be helpful to those who are looking for quality home related information. We will do our best to make this blog more and more engaging to all our readers. In Residencetalk we always discuss about topics that will interest our readers. You can get information about home interior, gardening, paste control, moving tips and more on our blog. We are trying our best to produce the best quality home related contents that will definitely help you building and decorating homes. Residence Talk is not just a blog but it is our dream to touch all home enthusiasts that are interested in DIY to make their homes and rooms beautiful. So, let us introduce to you all our new home blog i.e. https://residencetalk.com/. I’m Sudarsan Chakraborty. I love blogging and I run many successful blogs.