All You Need To Know About Soil Mites and How to Get Rid of Soil Mites:

Are you willing to know about Soil Mites? Compost is a very good way to fertilize the soil. This is a natural way to keep the soil clean. There may be some such hidden particles inside the soil, then damage your soil and your garden. If white spots appear around the compost, then it means of fact that the soil particles have already infected the soil. Here we will discuss how to get rid of soil mites in brief.

What are soil mites?

Simply we can say that the mites that live in the soil are soil mites. Soil mites are like fungi, they eat small dead insects, algae, dead plants, and small living insects. Soil mites can destroy not only your outdoor plants it also your home plants. They can mostly make their home in a pile of compost. They are also found above the potting soil. If you have kept indoor plants then some soil particles can make way to your house. They can harm human health. There is a quick way to get rid of them. Cleanliness is the first step to get rid of mites. Always keep your roof and drain clean.

Soil Mites

Types of Soil Mites:

Now we know what soil mites are. Let’s discuss the types of soil mites. In the world, there are 80000 types of soil mites are present. They are very small in size so it will be difficult for us to identify them in the soil with naked eyes. If you look very closely at them you can see visible dots in the soil and sometimes you might not be able to observe them. They are white, brown or black or even other in color. These almost 80000 types of soil mites can be categorized into four different types.

  • Oribatei: Orbatie is the most common of these four groups. These are very small in size. You can identify them by their shell in their back. Soil mites might look like a small turtle as they have a shell in their back as well, thus they are called ‘turtle mites’ as well. They generally do not grow more than one millimeter so you must use a microscope to see them clearly. They prefer eating fungi, dead plants, tiny dead insects or worms or even algae.
  • Astigmata: These are one kind of mites found in soil. You can find them in the soil that is full of nitrogen. They are mostly found on farms.
  • Mesostigmata: It is also one kind of soil mites. They are mostly predators. They live by eating small dead animals.
  • Prostigmata: They are a suborder of a number of mites. They all feed differently.

Identification and Are they harmful or not?

  • Identification: In shape, soil mites are very close to spiders and ticks. They look like small dots mostly white and brown in color. They are very small in size so small that you can found 500 soil mites even in 100 grams of soil. Now come to the question are they important or harmful.
  • Good Side: It is right that we need soil mites as they are very important in the decomposing process of soil. Without them, soil decomposing is not going to happen. They ate dead plants and even animals and as a result living plants get nutritious soil.
  • Harmful Side: But let’s discuss the harmful side of soil mites. If they enter your home they will harm in many ways. They can bring tapeworms. They carry bacteria to your home and it can be both harmful to home plants as well as human beings.  So you should know how to get rid of soil mites.

Step By Step Guide on How To Get Rid Of Soil Mites:

  • Clean the old dirt from your house: Check your soil, if you see a little decaying in it, then filter it. If you are getting plants out of the pot then make it careful because the root of the plants can be damaged. Remove bad soil from the soil surface and put pure soil in the pot. Clean all the old frozen water, moss and dirt from your house. There are some clay particles that hide in the cracks. Throw leaves from the frozen water on your roof.
  • Put fresh soil in the pot: First, inspect the soil thoroughly. After inspecting the soil, start filling the fresh soil in the pot. Remove dead leaves from plants. Soil Mites can make their homes in dead leaves. Remove the old soil particles and re-potting with fresh soil, this will increase the chances of no soil mites.
Put fresh soil in the pot
  • Spray needed: Even after doing this procedure, if you are not sure whether the soil mites are completely clean or not, then you need spray. Spray prevents soil mites from coming back. You can use organic spray. You can also use chemical pesticides. There are some organic sprays that you can easily make at home.
  • You can make a good organic spray with a cinnamon solution. Put cinnamon in water and leave it to get wet and sprinkle the same solution on soil and plants.
  • Leave cloves in the water and spray this mixed water in soil and plants.
  • Mix dish soap and starch with pure water and spray it as before.

Look after your garden: Cleaning of your garden is necessary if soil mites are present. The leaves falling from your garden will have to be cleaned, this will also increase the chances of not having soil mites and your garden will also look beautiful.

If you have made a pile of compost then remove it, it can give a boost to the soil mites.

  • Go for plants that will grow without soil: Soil mites are mostly very dangerous if they enter your home. You can find them mostly in plants in homes. So try to grow hydroponically without soil. If there will be no soil then there will no soil mites as they live in the soil.

Final Words About Soil Mites:

Keep your garden away from dirty leaves and moss. You do not need to do this every day, just need regular maintains. Just keep your garden and surroundings clean to keep the soil mites away from your house. By following the measures mentioned above, you can say you know how to get rid of soil mites fast.