How to Know If Your Home Has a Pest Problem

You probably spend more time at home lately than in many years past. Your home should be a place of safety and comfort. Yet, a pest infestation can quickly make your house a stressful (and unsafe) place to be.

The best way to deal with a pest problem is to prevent rodents and insects from taking over, but what happens when you already have an issue? Sometimes a pest situation can become severe before you realize you have the small invaders in your home. 

What are the signs of a pest issue? Follow this guide to recognize the signs of pests and take action (before it’s too late). 

You See Live Bugs or Mice

One of the most obvious signs of a pest problem is seeing the bugs or mice that have moved in!

Most homes aren’t entirely bug-free. The occasional spider or fly doesn’t always mean you have a problem that’s now out of hand. However, if you see more the one insect, there can be more where those few bugs came from. 

With mice and rats, seeing one indicates a more significant issue. It’s rare to see a mouse run across the floor. If that happens, it’s time to take action and call an expert like the professionals at best pest control at Altus Pest Control

Seeing rodents and insects is a sure sign that you have a pest problem—but there are other signs not to ignore if you haven’t yet seen a rat in the house!

You See Dead Bugs Or Mice

While dead pests are better than live pests, a dead bug or mouse on the floor often means more pests are alive elsewhere in your home. 

The best pests are no pests at all! As soon as you see a few dead invaders, schedule an exterminator to eliminate the bug or rodent problem in your house. 

You Spot Droppings

Pests often leave behind plenty of signs that they’ve been in your home. If you spot pest droppings in the pantry, on the counter, in the laundry room, near the bathtub, or a window sill, a bug, rat, or mouse was already there. 

Fabrics can also collect droppings from smaller types of pests, including bed bugs or roaches. When you notice droppings in curtains, bedding, or on sofas and chairs, don’t simply sweep them away. Contact a pest control specialist to treat your home and remove insect and rodent droppings for good. 

You Find Holes and Chew Marks

A mysterious hole in the wall or chew marks on the wall didn’t get there by accident. Even a hole that seems too small for roaches or mice can be their doorway into your home. 

Rats and mice don’t need much space to scurry into your attic or garage. With access to your house, they can find ways into your pantry and kitchen, water heater area, and closets. At the first sign of teeth marks on the wall or wood shavings on the floor, assume that you’ve had a visit from at least one pest. 

You Smell Something Unpleasant

Your home probably has a variety of smells throughout the day. However, if you consistently notice a bad odor from specific locations in the house, this could be a sign of a pest infestation. 

From droppings to dead mice or bugs, the space behind your walls can collect the effects of having too many pests. Rodents can also carry food away from your kitchen, then abandon it mid-snack in a place you don’t notice—until you smell rotting food. 

Don’t ignore foul odors! Terrible smells can attract more pests. If you can’t identify the location of a smell or get rid of the odor, contact a pest control specialist to treat your home. 


You See Nests

Hornets, wasps, other insects, and rodents build nests as their home. You’ll find them in dark corners and nooks in the garage, attic, and eaves of your house. 

Sometimes exterminators discover nests during an inspection or after you’ve found other signs of a pest infestation. However, if you see evidence of nesting when you make a trip to the attic or shine a flashlight into a dark corner, call an exterminator. They’ll treat your home for pests and remove signs of nesting. 

You Hear Noises

Is that scratching sound on the roof—or in the attic and behind walls? The sound of squirrels running across your roof isn’t a cause for alarm. However, consistent scratching noises coming from the ceiling or wall can indicate a severe pest problem. 

Rodents and insects can create cozy homes in walls or the attic. They also love to chew on wiring, and you’ll hear them scurry behind the drywall or throughout your attic.

If this sound happens for a few days, don’t cover your ears and hope it goes away. When a rat becomes trapped in the wall or ceiling, you’ll soon smell what you no longer hear! Call an exterminator to get rid of pests noises in your home for good. 

You See Anthills or Mole Holes

Some pest problems start outdoors. Yard pests can be dangerous for your family and prevent lawns and landscaping from growing well. 

Anthills can contain thousands of ants. Many species deliver painful bites that can trigger reactions and cause health issues. Moles dig holes throughout the yard, creating a hazard for anyone walking or playing throughout your lawn. 

Ridding your home of an ant or mole invasion requires the expertise of the right pest control specialist! At the first signs of activity, call an expert for help. 

Deal With a Pest Problem Right Away

Pests don’t go away on their own! Without prompt and effective treatment, a pest problem becomes worse over time. At the first signs of insects or rodents, take action right away. 

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