Bring the Nature Indoor by Decorating Space with Plants

In a home, the liveliness and the positivity are dependent on its interiors. How well we organize them tells it all. It is the reason why interior designing and decorating has gained popularity over time. People love to experiment with different colors and themes to make them look attractive. Over these years, various trends came and were faded away within a few years except one. And yes, it is nothing but decorating the interiors with plants. Decorating space with plants not only make the space look appealing and fresh but help you bring in nature and its beauty inside your home. 

Benefits of Decorating Space with Plants:

When you bring in the greenery at home, it can offer more benefits than adding aesthetic value. A touch of nature can make you feel calmer and relaxed. One healthy plant in each room can do a lot more to your health. 

  • It removes the toxins and purifies the air in the room
  • Aids in lowering stress levels
  • Helps with better sleep 
  • Relaxes the mind, hence helping in lowering blood pressure.

How to Decorate Interiors with Plants?

If you want to incorporate nature indoors, all your need is some ideas and interests. Setting the nook and corner of your house with plants is not a daunting task. You have many options to choose from; hanging plants, centrepieces, flower arrangements etc.

  • Give the best space for the plants: 

 Most of us make the common mistake of placing the plants in the wrong place. Environment matters a lot when it comes to plants. Some plants require more light and air, whereas some don’t. So it’s wise to know what is good for them and allocate the space accordingly.

  • Invest in beautiful pots:

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on purchasing expensive planters. Decide on the color theme; instead of going with numerous flashy colors stick on to one particular color for pots that suit your house’s theme. It can be white, red or even black.

  • Hanging Plants:

Lately, hanging plants have been most popular as they can spice up any space in a trice. Choose the plant; pothos is one of the best options, and then look for ideal planters for hanging it. People have also started considering some herbs like lavender for hanging indoors.  

  • Best Plants to choose for Interiors:

Not all plants are suitable for indoors. There are some water indoor plants too. And so, choosing the right plant is an important task for decorating the indoors with plants. Knowing the various plants and the ways to care for them right will help you choose the ideal one for your sweet home. Some of the best plants that plant lovers love for their interiors are:

  • Snake Plant:

Snake plants are much easy to maintain and are equally appealing too. The attractive colours and the stripes on the leaf make it the best d├ęcor piece for any house corner.

  • Fern:

Boston fern is another option that can be considered for interiors. They can be potted or hanged.

  • Areca Palm:

The best part is that it doesn’t need direct sunlight. According to researches, the areca palm is one of the best air-purifying plants. 

The list of indoor plants is never-ending. You get a lot of options to choose from. It’s no doubt that indoor plants can bring nature’s healing power into your home; if you want to know the magical power of nature, pot a plant today!

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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