How to Grow Areca Palm Tree Indoors?

If you want to grow Areca Palm trees indoors then you must know all the details about it. Here in this post, I’ll describe all the necessary details you should know about the growing areca palm tree indoors. To make a house look and feel beautiful many of us tend to grow some plants indoors. Areca Palm tree is one of the choices and you can plant it indoors and it will surely enhance the beauty of your home. Taking care of it is also not that much difficult.

Areca palm Tree Information:

The Areca palm tree’s scientific name is Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens. It is a widely used indoor plant where you can find bright sunlight. A completely grown Areca palm is quite expensive so they are generally purchased very little in size. An Areca palm tree grows up to 6 to 10 inches as per your care. It grows up to 6 to 7 feet in its life span. It is such a plant that can tolerate trimming without any noticeable harm, that’s why many homeowners prefer to grow it indoors. As it can tolerate trimming you can keep it in your home up to its full lifespan i.e. 10 years approx.


Areca Palm Tree Growing and Proper Care:

  • Sunlight: One of the main factors you must keep in mind while growing an areca palm tree indoors is proper sunlight. You must keep in mind that direct sunlight is harmful to this plant. Direct contact with sunlight can make its leaves yellowish-green and it will not look good at all. At the same time, it needs proper light to grow up. You can keep somewhere near the north or south-facing window.
  • Watering the plant: We all know that plants will not survive without water. Basically, indoor plants do not come in contact with direct rain so, it means that you must water the indoor plants by yourself. To keep the areca palm tree indoors you must keep the potting soil moist in spring and summer. Also, you should keep the water a little dry in the winter and while it’s raining outside. These little things can bring significant change.
  • Use of Fertilizer: This is going to be an important aspect while planting indoors. Fertilizer plays an important role in indoor planting. You should fertilize plants from time to time to give them the proper nutrients they need to grow. It is as important as sunlight and watering. The best time to fertilize the areca palm tree is spring. You should use a fertilizer with micronutrients for houseplants. It will help your indoor plants grow properly.
  • Repotting: You might be surprised that repotting the soil is really necessary for growing the areca plant indoors. You should do a repotting every two years. It will help your plant to grow faster and look more natural and healthy. Specially repotting helps the plant and the pot get rid of fertilizer salt deposits that build up in the soil as well as in the side of the pot. You must change the age-old potting soil and replace that will good-quality palm potting soil for good results.
  • Changing the Pot: If somehow you feel the necessity to change the pot, then you must take some precautions. Firstly, try to go for a bigger pot than the older one. Fill the new pot with good quality soil and do not let any air pocket in the new pot as it is not good for the palm trees.


Now in this post, I have tried to discuss all the essential points you should know before starting planting the areca palm tree indoors. If you are careful enough then you can take care of it and you will definitely give it a try. Happy Gardening!

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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