Some Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

The living room is a place where we all gather, sit, laugh, talk, and play together. This is the main focal point of every home. We welcome our guest in the living room, we serve them tea or coffee here. And if you have a farmhouse then the living room must be lavish and stylish. Your farmhouse living room should be as appealing and attractive as you want that. The modern décor style is clean and beautiful, with limited details and crisp lines. 

Nowadays farmhouse has increased in popularity in the recent years. And the rustic antiques and neutral colors make it easy to live with a style and charm. Here I am going to share some fantastic farmhouse living room ideas, which you can consider to decorate your farmhouse living room. 

Some modern farmhouse living room ideas are;

Cosy sitting area arrangement

You can create a cosy sitting area corner in your farmhouse living room for lounging around. This sitting arrangement will give your living room a relaxed and seasonal look. You can experiment with the multiple warm colors. As you can keep pastel colors cushions, rugs, and throw blankets on that cosy corner. 

Choose the furniture with wood for a cosy sitting area. That furniture should be polished, stained, and varnished properly. Keep their end tables, they will offer additional space for decorating. As you can keep their beautiful flower pot, any beautiful decorating items, or lamps. Seasonal flowers have been creating magic in any space. To add farmhouse-vibe to your living room you can focus on your side table. That can be a focal point of your farmhouse living room. 

Place fresh greens, grains, or flowers in a beautiful clay pot for the coffee table, side table, or fireplace mantle. 

Natural elements

Choose natural elements for your farmhouse living room. They will add personality and charm to your living room. Natural elements like exposed wooden beams and stone accents would create a soft and relaxed atmosphere in that space. You can’t go wrong with wood, but there are other natural elements that you can include too. 

For that, you can place a marble stone’s centre table in the centre of your farmhouse living room. Any stone sculpture also could buy to highlight any corner of the living room. Along with that can place beautiful wooden pots with beautiful plants. Also, porcelain or clay pots are too available in the market. 

Bringing nature inside is a great farmhouse living room décor approach. Also, you can go for a wooden chandelier for the living room. And can keep some wooden furniture there as well. Add those accessories that are organic, irregular, or slightly imperfect to grab the attention of your guest. 

These all things will create a lovely and natural ambience in your farmhouse living room. 

Modernize with fabrics

To enhance the architectural elements of a farmhouse, add clean, straight-lined furnishings in your farmhouse living room. According to Nashville-based designer, Chad James ‘color blocking with fabrics juxtaposed with more primitive elements is also an easy way to create the best modern farmhouse look.’ 

Natural cotton, linen, and burlap are some materials that you can consider. They are good for curtains, pillows, throw blankets, and furniture upholstery. You can add a beautiful fabric sofa set in your living room. Can also go for different colors for your sofa. Add high chairs with beautiful printed fabrics in the living room to grab attention. Spread the carpet or rug with a beautiful color scheme that matched your furniture will create magic in the space. 

Go for beautiful color’s fabric curtains for your farmhouse living room. All these fabric things surely help you to design perfect your farmhouse living room.

Rustic farmhouse living room design

This is the most authentic farmhouse design for your living room. You can create the rustic look by placing an old armoire, a barrel, or a trunk in your farmhouse living room. Just use your imaginations and you could create wonders. 

Can place an antique pitcher on the centre table as a flower vase or can use an old stool for an end table. Could hang an antique mirror on the wall that has salvaged window frame and could place salvaged shutters on side of your window. 

Don’t hesitate to use authentic farmhouse pieces extraordinarily and unexpectedly. You can also use those pieces that are slightly worn and may have cosmetic damage for the rustic look of your farmhouse living room. 

Coastal Farmhouse living room décor

This coastal theme can give your relaxed farmhouse feel a nautical flair. You could find décor items that are made from driftwood to decorate your living room in coastal-inspired decor. Or you can go with some plants in the living room that naturally grow in coastal regions. 

Do not forget to add blue color to your neutral palette. Both light and dark blue shades will look beautiful. You can use this color to highlight any wall, pillows, chair, carpet, or throw blankets. 

Some other beautiful pieces could have a boat line used as sea glass, seashells, or a round mirror with a porthole frame. Also, keep an aquarium there with beautiful fishes to highlight the coastal look of your farmhouse living room. But keep that aquarium neat and clean always, otherwise, a dirty aquarium would ruin all look of your living room.

For Your convenience I use a video from Jessi Christine- Keep Calm and Clean

Country styl

If you want to style your farmhouse living room in country style then embrace wood. In this, you don’t need farm-inspired items. You could just use a wooden basket to organize your living room in country style. And you could use those materials that have a floral or plaid pattern. 

Wooden flooring would also look very nice in your farmhouse living room in this concept. Or you can place a large rug that’s either a woven design or a braided pattern. On over that you could keep a beautiful wooden rest chair with a wooden stool to give comfy look. 

A wooden chandelier also would do great work in this concept for your living room.

Classic farmhouse living room

for this look, you could use plaid furniture, curtains, a pillow, or a throw blanket. In the classic farmhouse living room, a common element is the warmth of the room. That could be a lantern hung or place in the living room, a fireplace, or several candles placed throughout the room. 

Along with all this, you could hang a chandelier with light bulbs that look like candles. But remember one thing, in this classic farmhouse living room use light color for the interiors. Like wall color, sofa color, or carpet. But you can add something bright things to give some contrast and attraction to the living room. If you are interested you can learn about keeping room as well.

In short, you need to create a cosy environment for the classic farmhouse living room. Hence, keep several bright pillows on the couch along with a thick and oversized throw blanket. Place the furniture to gather the people and talk around in your living room.

Farmhouse aura

Your farmhouse living room ideas can look dated and rustic after some time. So, you can add some chic look to get over that look. Or I can say that you can create an aura in your farmhouse living room. For this look, you can add some expensive elements to your living room.

You can buy an end-cut butcher block topped coffee table or end tables for your living room. It will be a great investment, but it will also be a beautiful accent to your living room. And would create a beautiful aura in your space. 

Also, can go for modern living room lighting ideas, such as chandeliers, or lanterns. When you go shopping for your farmhouse living room, do not choose simple wooden items or simple pine. Choose those pieces that made of more expensive woods. 

That pieces add a chic look to your farmhouse living room. And trust me you will not disappoint after spending the money on those expensive items.  

Fireplace décor

A fireplace is a perfect room element to give beautiful look to your farmhouse living room. If you have a fireplace in your living room then add some firewood in that place. Also, place a beautiful basket for spare wood near the fireplace with the tools that you need to stoke a fire. 


On the mental of a fireplace, you could place a deer head, seasonal produce, flower vase, or some fancy lanterns, or your TV. You can look for some inspirational words or quotes that mean something to your loved ones. Frame them and hang them above the fireplace. 

One more thing you can do and that is, find some pictures of your family and yours that appeals to your version and frame them. It would also look good on the mental of the fireplace.

These all-fireplace décor ideas will work great in your farmhouse living room. 

In the end, I would say that don’t place too many décor items in your farmhouse living room. Don’t try too much to make it extraordinary. Some things look good with their simplicity!! 

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