What Is A Keeping Room? All You Need To Know

I hope some of you already know what is a Keeping Room? And some of you don’t. In this post let’s discuss all you need to know about keeping room. There is nothing mysterious about the term keeping room; instead, a keeping room is very common in old North America. People of old North America tend to have a keeping room in their houses. It is both practical and purposeful. So, I think we should know about what is keeping room? Its purposes and most importantly should we have a keeping room in our homes?

Let’s drive into the matter straight without any more discussion.

What is a Keeping Room?

A keeping room is a room close to the kitchen or adjacent to the kitchen. Old North American people designed a room very close to the kitchen or an area adjacent to the kitchen for various purposes. The main idea of keeping room revolves around a fireplace. Some people also termed keeping room as ‘’hearth room’’. Now a day due to its purposes, it returns as a modern trend of Architecture and it makes sense.

Below I’ll discuss which room can be termed as a keeping room so that you don’t get confused.

Which room can be termed as a keeping room?

Now after knowing what is a keeping room? Let’s drive into the fact that which room can be termed as a keeping room? Though there are no such specific points, yet there are some salient features that can differentiate keeping rooms from other rooms.

Here are the features of a Keeping room:

1. A keeping room must be close to the kitchen or adjacent to the kitchen.

2.  Specially, in 18th century colonial America a Fireplace is a must have for a keeping room.

3. As there is a fireplace, people of the 18th century tend to spend the night in their keeping rooms in the colder months. For this reason, a keeping room is also known as ‘’hearth room’’.

4. Size of a keeping room is not bound to any limit but they are generally not so much big in size.

After we know some important facts about keeping rooms not let’s discuss about the history behind the keeping rooms.

The History of keeping rooms:

During the 18th century Colonial period of America, keeping rooms can be traced. During those times cooking was basically done in wood fire and the cooking room is the hottest room of the entire house. This draws most of the people of the family to come and gather in the kitchen. But having all the members in the kitchen may cause disturbance to the cook. To avoid that a room or space is left for the gathering of the members of the family. This brings the necessity to have a keeping room in a house. The other purpose is that in colder months family members tend to sleep in the keeping room for being the hottest room of the house. You can safely call a keeping room as another common room where family members can gather and enjoy spending time with the families.


Modern-Day Benefits of a Keeping Room

Now a day the trend of the keeping room is coming back again. Many people tend to have the retro keeping room in their modern apartments but to its purposeful nature. Just think you have invited your friend to your home for having dinner or lunch. The obvious fact is that you or your loved one should be in the kitchen alone but what if you all can sit n front of the kitchen talking to the cook and enjoying time together. Is not it going to be a pleasant experience? Just think of it and you will get an answer.

Whether you should have a keeping room or Not?

Now it’s all up to you. I have discussed everything in detail and according to me you need to have space for a keeping room in your house. It is going to very useful and you need not repent. It will add a new charm to your home and basically you can use it as the second common room of your house.

For your reference I share a video link from RunwayDoneMYWAY channele

Bottom Lines:

Now I hope you know what is a keeping room? And its usages. This retro style is ginning its popularity and people are showing interest in it. Now a day people are more and more tend to like retro trends. It is also a retro trend with many useful purposes. Please let me know in the comments about your view on the keeping room.

Happy Living!!

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