Should You Buy in a Gated and Guarded Community?

When you are trying to decide what type of property you would like to buy, you will find that there are several options out there to choose from. One of the most popular that people are choosing to buy-in can be a gated and guarded community. There are plenty to choose from, and they all have their own pros and cons as to whether they are good places to live.

What is a Gated and Guarded Community?

A gated and guarded community (G&G) is an area of land that has been divided into different properties within the same strata scheme. These used to be townhouses or small clusters of community within a larger area, but recent developments can also include terraced and semi-detached houses. If you are searching for the perfect rumah Johor, you can often find that most of the best of these are often to be found in G&Gs. 

You do need to make sure that you are not buying in a boom and barrier neighborhood by mistake. These are where the community themselves have decided that they want to put up some fence or other barrier to protect their neighborhood. While this is usually well-meaning, it is not strictly legal and can result in issues with local authorities. Try to buy only within proper, regulated G&G communities.

Who Manages the Gated and Guarded Community?

A G&G is managed by a specific committee that comes together to set the by-laws for the strata, manage the upkeep of the local area, and collect maintenance charges from residents to help with this. Similar to a Homeowners Association in the USA, this committee will help to keep parts of the G&G working properly and maintained correctly. It can be in part made up of residents of the G&G, but it is usually handled by the same company that built the initial development.

Should a resident have any issue while living in this community, it will often be brought to the attention of the committee. They receive their funding in part from the service charge levied against residents. This service charge is frequently tied to the size of the plot that the resident owns. If someone owns a bigger parcel of land, they will understandably have to pay more towards this service charge than someone with a much smaller property.


Are Gated and Guarded Communities Safe to Live on?

Many people are attracted to the lifestyle of G&Gs because they appear to be safer than typical properties. Most of these communities have some sort of guardhouse and barrier across their entrance, and it makes it difficult for people to enter if they have not been cleared to do so. If a resident of the G&G is expecting a visitor, it is often prudent for them to send a message to the guards on the gate to let them know that they should grant entrance to the stranger.

Of course, a lot of trusts has to be placed in the hands of the guards, so it is crucial that the right company is found. This task is often given to the committee in charge of the G&G, so it is vital that they spend time researching the right companies to ensure that they do find a group of trustworthy people to protect their homes. The cost of this security can often come up as part of the service charges that a household has to pay, with more expensive security reflected in higher charges. 

Are Gated and Guarded Communities Worth It?

G&Gs offer a style of living that many people want to have, as it is a safe and secure way to live. Though it can be difficult to organize visitors coming in and out – especially if you want to throw a party or some other type of event, living in this style of residence can offer many other types of benefit. It is a more exclusive neighborhood, and there is a fantastic opportunity for you to really root yourself in the community. Since traffic cannot pass through unless it belongs to a resident, it can also make the whole area a little bit quieter and more peaceful.

If you are searching for a quiet place to live with your family, you should most definitely consider a guarded and gated community. Though they are a little pricier than some areas you could choose to live in, especially when you consider that service charge you will need to pay, they are a beautiful place to live. These are some of the most exclusive houses that you could choose to live in, and it creates a fantastic place for you to set up your home. Take a look on the market to see what you could afford in a G&G now!

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