Rugs vs. Carpets: Which Should You Choose in Your Home?

Did you know that walking on carpet has been proven to induce less stress than walking on hardwood floors? This is just one reason why you might be thinking of adding carpeting or rugs to your floors. They can tie a room together, keep your feet warm, and express your personality with colorful patterns. 

Many homeowners have a difficult time choosing between installing carpeting or adding rugs. Both have advantages and disadvantages for every home. To help you make a decision, we put together this article on rugs vs carpets. 

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Pros and Cons of Carpets 

Carpets can be very cheap to install and eliminate the need to install a hardwood floor first. In addition, because a carpet is a large floor covering, it’s often available in simple neutral shades and textures. This makes it easy to find a color that matches your interior design

Because the carpet is stuck to the floor, it can be a great solution for aging homeowners or anyone who is a fall risk. There is far less of a risk of slipping or tripping on a loose edge. 

However, while new carpet can look great, carpet can rapidly accumulate stains and grime. It’s difficult to clean and replace, which means that your carpet can get dirty quickly.

If you’re happy to clean your carpet frequently, this might not be a con. But, if you have kids or pets, it’s worth considering.

In addition, if you live somewhere very humid, carpet can trap moisture in its fibers. Moisture can turn into mold, which can release toxins into your environment. 

Pros and Cons of Rugs

Rugs are the top choice for interior designers because they’re easy to maintain and they can show off your hardwood flooring. In addition, they allow for more vibrant and unique choices.

Because you can pick up and move area rugs, you can clean them if they get stained or dirty. Some rugs are even machine washable! This also allows you to regularly get grime, mold, mildew, and dirt out of your rugs.

It’s also easy to change your rugs to match your design. While changing your carpets is very difficult and expensive, you can swap out your rugs on a whim. 

However, rugs can slip and be accident-prone. You can mitigate this issue with non-slip rug pads, but it’s still worth considering. 

In addition, they leave more of your flooring visible. This might mean you have to install new floors. If that’s the case, we recommend for beautiful and affordable flooring.

Then, you can throw a few stylish rugs on top and enjoy your new hardwood floors. 

Rugs vs Carpets Demystified 

Now that you know a bit more about rugs vs carpets, you can pick one for your home. Your choice will depend on your family’s needs, your budget, and your interior design. Consider both options and make the choice that’s right for you!

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