Hardwood Floor Styles: Your Guide to Types of Flooring

Whether you’re planning a floor renovation or building your house from scratch, the flooring you choose will affect the entire home’s tone.

There are countless types of flooring materials to select from, but hardwood is a popular and trendy option. If you decide that hardwood is the flooring for your dream home, the decisions only get more complicated from here.

You’ll want to do some research on the wide variety of hardwood floor styles. You will also need to select a type of wood and color to stain it with.

Don’t worry too much, because you’ve found a great place to start your search. This guide will lead you through a few of your options when selecting hardwood flooring.

Comparing Solid and Engineered Wood

One distinction you’ll want to be aware of when deciding on flooring is if the wood is solid or engineered. There’s no right or wrong answer between these two, but there are some significant differences.

Solid wood comes as full planks. A benefit of this type of flooring is that it can be resanded and restrained countless times. However, they are more apt to warping, especially in humid environments.

Engineered wood is composed of many layers of wood veneer. This is still real wood, but this layering helps to prevent warping or gaping.

Engineered wood flooring often comes prefinished, so it won’t be resanded or refinished later on.

Types of Wood Flooring

All wood flooring styles have specific aspects that make them unique and attractive. From grain appearance to underlying tones to durability, every wood will perform differently.

Oak Floors

Oak is by far one of the more popular wood choices when it comes to hardwood flooring. It is incredibly durable and has a wide range of stain options.

Oak is also quite accommodating to different home styles and room ambiances. From contemporary to coastal rooms, this hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice.

Walnut Floors

For warmer and darker hardwood, walnut offers a redder undertone for a beautiful luxury dining room. It is also a durable wood that is fit for a high-traffic area.

Hickory Floors

If you’re looking for a wood that might stand out a little more, hickory has bold and dramatic grain patterns that will be the highlight of any room. The stain will bring out a light red-brown or tan hue.

This wood is more difficult to cut, so it will be more expensive. But it is the perfect wood for those hoping to bring a rustic or country feel to their home.

Pine Floors

You might have your eye on a certain pine species for your hardwood floors, but make sure you double-check that it is durable enough for whichever room you want it in.

Because there are so many different kinds of pine, the qualities of each can vary greatly. However, it is an affordable wood option and can also fit into a rustic home quite nicely.

Check Out These Hardwood Floor Styles

The hardwood floor styles that you use in your home will depend on what kind of ambiance and vibe you want your house to have. These are only the beginning of the hundreds of wood options that exist.

If you’re looking for more advice on the different types of flooring materials or guidance on another home project, check out our archives.

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