Quick and Easy Design Tips That Make a Big Difference with Resale

According to brokers, you can escalate the value of your living space by keeping the bathrooms and kitchen in good order. Additionally, well-maintained walls and ceilings, overall clean, well-maintained floors, and timely remodelling can make a big difference with resale. Even if you begin with a few hundred dollars, you can expect to gain sound returns with these quick and easy design tips. So, quit thinking about expensive and fanciful upgrades and follow these tips to increase the value of your home right away.

Easy Refix Design Tips that Can Get You Maximum Profits on Resale

Changes to Your Bathrooms

Small and affordable changes to bathrooms can enhance their functionality and look in a big way. For instance, you may want to replace their old wallpapers to get a smart, textured finish at the lowest possible cost. These days, there are several types of peel & stick wallpaper designs available for grab. Try to use them to match the existing decor and style of your bathroom. Alongside, you may want to:

  • Replace any outdated lighting
  • Check the problems in your low-flush toilet
  • Use clear glass to replace old frosted glass
  • Clean the grout, apply fresh caulk and remove rust stains
  • Replace faucets, cabinet pulls, and doorknobs, etc.

In other words, these simple and easy quick-fix solutions can help in increasing the resale value of your home without you trying too hard.

Taking Care of Wear and Tear

Professionals in real estate recommend timely spending on floors to keep them in good shape. However, you need not spend a fortune to get the results you desire. Even an average investment of merely $600-$900 can generate a return in value of approximately $2000. To attain this end, you may consider the following to add to the resale value of your home. These easy design tips will definitely help you.

  • Replace the old and worn out carpets
  • Restore the look of your floors with high-quality polish or scrubs, etc.

Once the floors are back in order, you can add to their shine by redoing the walls in the room. For instance, easy to install peel and stick stripe wallpaper can bring about cost-effective improvements in the quickest possible way. Peel and stick wallpaper can help you remodel and redesign any space within your budget. This affordable, quick-fix designing option can increase the resale value of your home instantly.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s a fact that you can add new space in your room by removing clutter. Remember, more furniture, furnishings, and accessories can make your space look smaller than what it actually is. Consider installing new shelving alternatives to make the most of any underused space.

Add to the Glam Quotient of Your Walls

The first thing you notice when you enter any room are its walls. Wallpapering is an effective and affordable means of changing the texture, colour and look of your walls. Interior designers and wallpaper installers have always looked towards wallpapers as a quick-fix means of getting the task underway. You may want to do the same to up the glam quotient of the walls at home and make them appear as good as new. What’s more? You can choose from a variety of designs and prints to bring out your creativity and style.

Forward Thinking

It is normal for homeowners and property resellers to leverage the resources available to them. You may want to do the same to increase the resale value of your home. How about starting with the best wallpaper solutions recommended by Lovevsdesign.com? Rest assured of getting the best returns in the shortest possible time.

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