Paint vs Wallpaper: Which Is Better for Your Home?

The average U.S. household spent $8,305 on home improvement in 2020. What’s more, after the COVID-19 pandemic, 85% said they spent more time in their homes in 2020.

With all that time spent at home, many homeowners decided to fix up their living areas. 

One way to dramatically beautify your space is to update the walls. Do you go for a fresh coat of paint or a beautiful wallpaper design?

Can’t decide? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of paint vs wallpaper to help you choose. 

Pros and Cons of Paint

With paint, you can either do it yourself or have it done professionally. Here are the pros and cons of painting your walls. 

Pro: Different Colors and Shades to Choose From

Paint comes in just about any color or shade you can imagine. You can customize the color to match your home’s color scheme. 

You also have the option to mix things up and get different paint colors for different rooms. Or, you can paint the whole house the same color if you want a cohesive look. 

Pro: Can Update or Change Easily

Another advantage of paint is if you don’t like it, you can always paint over it. 

Maybe you don’t like the color at all, you can get a new paint color and start over again. No need to remove the paint from the wall. 

Pro: Better For Rooms That Have Moisture

Paint may be a better option for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. The water and splashes can ruin wallpaper.

You can get special paint for the bathroom that is moisture-resistant. There is also a moisture-resistant primer that you can use.

Con: Will Have to Repaint

Paint does not last as long as wallpaper. You may have to repaint once every several years if you want to keep your walls looking fresh and updated. 

You might need to paint more often than that if you have kids or a busy household. It also depends on the room. The bathroom or kitchen will probably have to be repainted more often than the bedrooms.

Con: A Lot of Prep Work

Painting a home is not an easy job and requires plenty of preparation. 

You have to make sure the walls are cleaned and holes are covered. You also need to apply painter’s tape to cover areas that you’re not painting. Then you need to make sure the floors are covered. 

When you do paint, you have to apply primer and more than one coat of paint, and let it completely dry in between coats. 

If you don’t do the paint job right, it’s not going to look good. There is the option of hiring professionals such as to get the job done. This can save you hours of prep time and work. 


Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

Maybe you want to update your walls with a dramatic design. Is wallpaper calling your name? Here are the pros and cons of wallpaper. 

Pro: Beautiful Appearance

A wallpaper design can dramatically change the appearance of a room. It updates a room and gives it a classy, beautiful look.

You don’t even need to apply wallpaper to the whole room, just an accent wall can transform the room. 

Pro: Many Different Styles and Patterns

Do you love patterns, designs, and pops of color? Maybe you have a look in mind for your home. 

Or maybe you love to mix and match different color schemes. Wallpaper comes in many different designs and styles. 

Pro: Can Hide Imperfections 

With paint, you can see every scratch, ding, or crack in a wall. Wallpaper is more forgiving and can hide small imperfections in your wall. 

Wallpaper may also be a good idea if you have older walls that you want to cover up. 

Pro: Lasts Long

If applied right, wallpaper can last for a very long time. A good quality wallpaper is durable and can be wiped clean. 

Wallpaper is a good option if you want a look in your home that will last.

Pro: Less Prep Work

Wallpaper requires less prep work compared to painting. You don’t need to worry about covering the floor or the walls with painter’s tape. 

It’s also less messy. You don’t need to worry about accidentally splashing paint anywhere. 

Con: Can’t Change Easily

If you’re going to apply wallpaper to a room, make sure you absolutely love it. Wallpaper may not be a good choice for those who like to change up their decor every few years. 

Wallpaper can be a hassle to remove. It’s much easier to repaint a room a different color than to change the wallpaper. 

Con: Can Be Expensive

Wallpaper can also be a more expensive option than paint. However, you don’t need to apply wallpaper to a whole room. You can always do a small accent wall or one side of the room to add color and design to your room. 

Con: Won’t Look Good if Faded or Worn

If the wallpaper has rips, tears, or starts to peel, it’s going to be difficult to fix or replace. You have to make sure you apply the wallpaper correctly. 

Paint vs Wallpaper?

There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing between paint vs wallpaper. However, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. 

You can update your walls with both paint and wallpaper to transform your home and beautify it. You can paint high traffic areas of your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways. 

You can add a wallpaper accent wall to the living room, dining room, or any room that you want to stand out. 

Updating Your Home With Paint or Wallpaper

There are pros and cons of both paint vs wallpaper. The best choice depends on you and what home decor look you want in your home. 

Both options are a great way to update your home and add style and color. 

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