Property Management During Covid- What Changed?

Covid-19 has put the world at a halt, and the real-estate sector is no different. It seems that now the property managers have to think of unique ways to tackle the challenges. Let us take a look at this fact!

Rental prices in Redwood City have constantly been rising over the last decade, but since April 2020, it has decreased. This is somewhat unpleasant. But here is another thing-Redwood city is suffering less as compared to the other markets. 

With few efforts, you can avoid the hassles and get the best price at this time of the pandemic. As Covid is going on, you can’t step outside unless you have some important work. Therefore here we have come up with the ways of managing things remotely. 

Without any further delay, let’s get started with this! 

Advertising is necessary – Nowadays, a better online presence is the key to take your business to the next level. If you haven’t opted for advertising online, then you are already missing something major. This is the number one way through which the tenants start looking for the properties. Placing an online ad ensures that it is viewed by a number of people. 

The most famous form of advertising nowadays is E-tour. The renters who are out of town and who want to get the personal feel of the home without leaving the comfort of their current residence are benefited a lot by E-tour. 

By shooting a good video of the property, you increase your chances of getting the best price. If this seems a little difficult to you, then you can take the help of the companies who specialize in remote viewing. With this, potential clients can view your property without your need. 

Instant communication – Your tenants are your assets. They find ways to keep themselves safe during emergencies or what to do in case of any assistance. There will be times when you want to send important updates to all of them at once. In these cases, make full use of emails and texts to communicate with your residents. You can also create routine reminders. 

As per Redwood City property management, by maintaining good and instant communication, you can easily update them about things, such as information regarding the lease, sending reminders before repairs, etc. 

Digitize your payments: In remote managing, collecting payments is one of the toughest parts. To come out of this worry, you can set up a digital payment strategy. This will ensure hassle-free payments to both you and your tenants. Set up a system that accepts every kind of payment, ranging from credit cards to direct bank transfers. This will eliminate the stress of paper cheques. 

Keep it maintained – If you don’t have a well-maintained property, then all your photographs will go in vain. After all, the first impression matters. 

To reap the financial benefits, maintenance is vital. To manage it remotely, you can put your trust in the maintenance company. Or there are many real-estate management companies that take care of this aspect as well. Moreover, they maintain good relationships with the tenants that make them aware of the suspected damage easily. 

Final words

It is not wrong to say that a rental property is a financial investment. And when the world is at a halt, it is best to manage things remotely. Luckily, in this digital world, this is possible. Whether you are going to do it with E-tour or digital payments, you will surely succeed. May you reach great heights in your business.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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