How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree From Your Property?

A huge storm just rolled through your neighborhood and the tree in your yard is wrecked. You’ve got branches all over the place, and it looks like the tree was struck by lightning then blown over! Now, what are you going to do?

You could cut it down yourself, but the tree is leaning close to the house and the power lines. Time to call a tree cutting service, but how much will it cost? Well, read on to learn about the factors that go into removing a tree from your property!

What Is the Cost to Remove a Tree?

The national average to remove a tree is $715. But the price is not the first question to ask when you need a tree removed. Many factors influence what the price for felling your tree is!

When removing a tree, the tree removal service doesn’t just show up, cut your tree and leave. They must come and evaluate the site and make note of many factors. Each of these factors a puzzle piece the tree service needs to put together.

Tree Height

Likely the largest piece of the puzzle is tree height, for example, if your tree is under thirty feet, you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of $300. If your tree is under sixty feet, expect to pay up to $700. When you get into the range of eighty feet and above, expect to be well over $1,000!

Those prices are just the basics. When your tree is tall, the workers have a higher risk of injury, the nearby property has a chance of being damaged. The mitigation of those risks is a large part of the tree removal puzzle.

Tree Diameter

Another piece is the thickness of the trunk, which is measured at four-and-a-half feet off the ground, or chest height. A shorter and thicker tree could be more expensive than a taller and thinner tree because thicker trees need to be cut down in more sections. Taller and thinner trees may need mechanical assistance to remove, which adds to the cost.

Tree Species

The species of tree can often add to tree removal prices, as many have special considerations. The removal of oak trees is banned in California, among others, unless the tree poses a health or safety risk. Pine trees can reach ninety feet or more, and can leave your soil acidic on removal!

Palm trees are very heavy, which means they need to be cut into more sections. Poplar trees have invasive root systems and can reach one-hundred-and-fifty feet tall. Maple trees, popular for ornamental purposes, can reach one-hundred feet.

How Much to Remove a Tree

The puzzle should be more in focus now. There is no set answer for how much it costs to remove a tree, but now you should have a decent understanding of what goes into felling a tree and what to expect from a quote. Call a specialist to evaluate your tree removal problem.

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