Planning to Sell Your Home? 6 Factors You Must Consider Before Listing in Houston

When you own a home, there’s always the chance that you will sell it someday, maybe to move to a different location or a bigger home. It’s always rare to find people living their entire lives in the first homes they buy.

Generally, selling a house is always somewhat less complicated than purchasing one. But just because selling a home is easier doesn’t always mean that people do it properly.

There could be many reasons why your home sits on the listing market for months without getting the right buyer. You could be doing something wrong. And while some things you can control, others you just can’t.

In this post, we will discuss six important factors you must consider when planning to sell your house in Houston:


Every house will sell quickly when priced correctly. That’s why it is important to have a good understanding of your home’s worth before listing it. Ensure you analyze any comparable properties around your area and what they’re currently selling for.

If you want your home to sell fast, price it to sell. It’s never a great idea to underprice (give your property away). However, you also want to avoid inflating the asking price.

Sure, you may be tempted to grossly overprice your home, especially when you’re in no hurry to sell it, hoping that some uneducated buyer may buy it for that price. But there is a significant risk to this strategy. In most instances, no one will even look twice at your listing once they see your asking price.

Then, as you lower your price closer to its real worth, prospective buyers will even be wary of sealing a deal with you because of the extended period it has been on the market. Eventually, you may have a difficult time getting the best deal of your home’s worth.

2. Availability

When selling your home, you must always be available and accessible to potential buyers who want to see it. You should be in a position to show your house when it needs to be shown. You don’t want to turn down any show. In most cases, you will likely never hear from those buyers.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to always be on standby to show your home whenever a buyer wants to see it. Clean up everything and hide the kids within short periods, so the buyer can look around. This is a vital process because it maximizes your chances of making a sale quickly.

Most buyers can be fickle and time-constrained. So, turning them away will likely mean they never come back and turn to other home options. Remember, this is a temporary situation. Plus, the sacrifices you make now will eventually pay off.

3. Show Ready

Any homeowner who wants to sell houston home must always have the house prepped and ready for the show. The real work starts before you formally place your home on the market for sale and you can have the option of working with real estate agents to help make the process easier. The agents could handle the listings, prepare the home for potential buyers on your behalf hence lifting off the logistics of making your home show-ready in time. Do you know currently you can buy used kitchens? There are used kitchens for sale online and if you wish you can use those as well and save some money. 

It is important that you prepare your home both inside and out and ready for any potential buyers. At a minimum, at least try to do the sort of cleanup you would normally do before any guests visit.

Only that in this case, you will have to do more than just the usual vacuuming and washing the dishes. You want everything to be perfect. You can even take your preparation to a higher level by considering staging. The perfect staging can increase the chances of a sale.

You can, for instance, put a wall-to-wall carpet and remodel your kitchen to make it more dated. These are some of the simple things that appeal to many buyers and will likely make your home a more preferred option to other listings.

4. The Little Things

You can also walk around your home while making a list of all the things you think might turn off a buyer. These could be anything from dingy paint, cracked light fixtures, or even broken hardware.

While you might have become accustomed to these things to the point that you don’t even notice them anymore, your buyer would certainly think otherwise. Therefore, you want to be especially critical of yourself during this period because your buyer will definitely be.

You don’t necessarily need to do full-blown repairs of everything. Instead, work on fixing the little things that bring up any weird assumptions to potential buyers.

Under no circumstance must you ever assume that a potential buyer will not care or not notice these things. They will be alert to everything. After all, they are about to make a huge investment in your property. And once done, there’s no going back.

Therefore, sprucing up your house and fixing the little things will probably yield the expected return.

5. Do You Know the House’s Hot Buttons?

Most people don’t buy homes. They go for a hot button, and the rest of the house goes with it. These could be anything from hot kitchens or baths, views, fireplaces, and gardens. These are just some of the definite buyer turn-ons you want to focus on more.

Location is the hot button for many homeowners, especially for people who believe that they must live in certain neighborhoods.

After you’ve identified your home’s hot buttons, you want to emphasize them in your listing statements. A successful home seller always knows what buyers buy before they even start the marketing process. These are the hot buttons.

6. Avoid Getting Emotional

When selling a home, it’s easy to get emotional, especially when you’ve lived on the property for several years and created many memories there. Most people even find it difficult to let go of their properties.

In such instances, it is important to think of the sale as a salesperson. Be positive and think of this opportunity from a financial perspective. You want to remove any emotional aspects from your mind when selling the property. This will make the selling process much easier for you and your loved ones.


Focusing on the factors mentioned above can dramatically increase your chances of making a successful sale and maximize your profits. Selling a home in Houston isn’t difficult. But it can be if you don’t know the tips and tricks needed to make a quick sale at the best price.

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