Planning to Sell a House? 6 Things You Must Do

Selling your house can be a daunting process. However, carrying out a few measures to prepare your home for sale can go a long way in easing the process for you. So, if you have been Googling ‘how to list my property’, then these measures may boost your chances of getting a buyer for your property.

Clean and Clear

Clearing your space helps your buyers see the flow and square footage of the house easily. Furniture tends to fill the room, making it appear smaller than it is. You can pack your furniture and other belongings and store them in a storage unit to create more room. Organizing your closets, storage areas, and pantry shows the buyers that the house has enough storage space, which is a need for most buyers.

Remove Personal Belongings

You should also remove personal belongings such as family photographs, keepsakes and religious accessories. The presence of these items may distract the buyers and prevent them from envisioning themselves in the house. As you declutter, you should also carry out a deep cleaning on every room in the house. You should also ensure the house does not have pending bills.

Repair and Renovate

Investing in repairs and renovations helps make your property more appealing to a buyer. You could apply a fresh coat of paint, install new hardware in the kitchen and bathroom, and swap outdated light fixtures. These renovations and repairs can help boost the value of your house and allow you to attract more buyers. Fixing damaged items in the place also enables you to avoid renegotiations in case the buyer conducts an inspection.

Decide Your Selling Strategy

A selling strategy involves picking how you want to sell your house. The two conventional ways of selling are For Sale By Owner (FSBO), or you could use the ”list my property” service with a real estate agent. However, there are also other ways to sell your house.


Using this method helps you save on the commission you would have had to pay the real estate agent. However, you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent. If you decide to sell the house yourself, you should have the capability to negotiate escrow timelines and fill the paperwork. You can contact your attorney to help you with filling out the transfer forms.

Hire an Agent

Real estate agents are aware of methods to sell your house quickly and at the asking price in your area. They also prepare the paperwork, carry out negotiations and facilitate the signing and closing of the deal. Hiring an agent helps you avoid having to file the paperwork yourself.

Online Realty Portals

Using an online portal helps you save the cash spent on brokerage. They have different plans that you can pay for as you try to find a buyer. The downside with this method is that you have to handle all the paperwork.

Other alternatives to selling your house fast include:

  • Selling to an investor
  • Selling to a developer
  • Selling at an auction

The downside to these methods is that you are likely to sell for a lower price than the local market prices.

Set The Price and Consider Incentives

Pricing your home competitively speeds up the process of a sale. An overpriced home may spend more time on the market and eventually sell at a lower price. You could even price the house lower than the other listings as this may pique the interest of many buyers and result in a bidding war. You should also put into consideration the price point for many buyers.

You could also offer the buyers’ incentives such as upfront repairs, improved credits, paying their closing cost, or adding appliances once you finalize the sale. These incentives may help you acquire more clients.

Use Stagers

If you do not receive any offers, you can consider lowering your price. Another way to boost the bids you receive is by hiring a stager. Stagers help define your space by highlighting the most desirable parts of your home. They also arrange the furniture they bring in a way that makes space look bigger.

Selling your house does not need to be an uphill task, and there are ways to ease the procedure. You should, however, keep in mind that market conditions and prices in one area are different from others. Carrying out research helps you identify the factors you need to consider.

Alan Roody
Alan Roody
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