Locksmiths 101: How Much Do They Typically Cost?

Did you get yourself locked out of your house or your car? Do you need to rekey a lock or install locks on your doors and windows?

A locksmith is a person you can call in such times of annoyance. They can help you fix broken locks or fabricate keys to replace lost ones. Licensed professional locksmiths can even open safes and locked cars, duplicate keys, and resolve any security system issues. You can easily reach a 24-hour locksmith online or via a phone call if you need help with these concerns any time of the day!

How Much Do Locksmiths Cost?

Locksmith services range from USD$55 – USD$330 based on the national average. Like any other skilled trade, the cost may vary widely depending on the job to be done—its complexity and other factors such as the time of day and location. These prices may cover a locksmith’s expertise, insurance, and travel time.

For minimum trips, you can expect to pay USD$50 – USD$100, while for emergency trips, the cost will be around USD$100 – USD$150. They are always available even in unusual hours and emergencies, and usually run at an hourly rate of USD$50 – USD$100, but the after-hours pricing is different, so you may expect to pay around USD$75 – USD$125.

If you want to know the actual range you have to pay for a specific service, you can also get a free estimate for any locksmith services you may require from your friendly neighborhood locksmiths such as 4 Got Keys of Wilmington!

Locksmith Services and Average Costs

Locksmiths offer a wide range of services. This trade continuously evolves along with technology and industry. In fact, they can do more than just cut keys and pick locks. Licensed professional locksmiths can also plan security systems or alarm systems to safeguard your property. Below is a list of locksmith services you may need and their costs.

Rekey A Lock

You’ll need this service when you’ve lost the key to your house, room, or drawer, for instance. A locksmith can fabricate similar keys for you without having to change the lock. Making new keys may range from about USD$10 to USD$150. For car keys, you may pay an average of USD$50 – USD$300, including keys with electronic components.


Change A Lock

You’ve just moved into a new apartment, and for security reasons, you’re going to want to change the locks. Changing locks costs USD$75 an hour on average. You’ll also need this service to secure your home against burglary or any suspected break-in attempt.

Unlock A House Or Car

If you accidentally left your keys in your house or your car and there’s no other way you could enter, a locksmith can help unlock it for you. This service typically costs USD$100 – USD$200 for houses and USD$50 – USD$100 for cars.

Install A Lock

Whether you go for a mechanical, electronic, or biometric lock, a locksmith can install this for you. You can expect to pay USD$50 – USD$100 an hour for mechanical lock installation. If you own a smart home and need an electronic lock installation, prices may run around USD$400 – USD$2000, plus the price of the unit.

Open A Safe

A locksmith can open a safe by manual manipulation or drilling. This service runs from USD$150 – USD$400. They also offer other locksmith services for safes and vaults, such as changing the combination, switching the lock from mechanical to electronic, moving of unit, and installation.

Commercial Locksmith Services

There isn’t much difference between commercial and residential locksmith services. One thing that sets them apart is the project scope. Because commercial projects are usually more extensive than residential projects, the costs may run up to USD$2500 or more. The average residential locksmith services, though, range only from USD$75 to USD$800.

Where Can You Find A Locksmith?

With over 10,000 locksmiths in the country, it will not be difficult to find one. Locksmiths are usually found working in a stall in shopping centers, street corners, or security companies.

These security experts are very discreet because they deal with sensitive information. Make sure to find a trusted locksmith to handle your lock and key concerns because you might mistakenly hire some cunning individuals who only want to defraud or deceive you.

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