Home Automation: Necessity or Luxury

Smart home devices are one of the most popular advances in technology. After all, who wouldn’t love controlling their home appliances remotely? This can be done with simple taps on your smartphones or via voice commands.

With that said, many wonder whether home automation is a necessity. Or is it rather a luxury to be enjoyed by the few? Take it that you want to know more about this. In that case, we recommend treading on to understand why we believe that home automation falls into the category of a necessity – though it might have started as a luxury.

Safety & Protection of your Home

Suppose you leave home in a hurry to reach your workplace on time. Now you are wondering whether you turned off the stove after preparing breakfast. Maybe, your wife forgot to turn off her hair curling rod?

With home automation, you can remotely track and monitor your gadgets, along with ensuring that all home appliances are switched off. One of the greatest benefits of home automation is that it prevents fire outbreaks, gas leakages, and water leakages. Therefore, installing home automation is a sure way to keep your house safe from accidents.


Securing your Home with Smart Door Locks

Another amazing component of home automation is automatic door locks and door alarms. Have you ever rushed to the office in the morning only to remember later that you forgot to lock your main door? By installing automated door locks, you will be saving yourself loads of headache and put an end to all confusions. The automatic door locks will shut every time behind anyone leaving the house. Not to mention that you can also remotely unlock your door for your children or other visitors if you are not at home. Your home will remain secure from possible burglaries as you will receive an instant alert on your smartphone every time someone enters your home. With that said, we can agree that automated door locks increase home security.

24/7 Home Surveillance

With the integration of a home automation system, you can keep a constant eye on your home. You can keep an instant track of what is happening inside and outside your home. You will be able to keep tight surveillance on your home, even when you are not around and travelling on some important business trips. By installing security cameras, you will keep a constant track of who is arriving and leaving. This means that you will have a recording to show the police and detect the culprit in case of attempted burglary. This way, you can prevent robbery attempts and alert the police department if you see suspicious activity on your property.

Heaven for Lazy Bums

Let’s talk about the increased convenience of home automation. Feeling too tired and exhausted from work to get up and manually switch off all lights? With home automation, you won’t have to worry about any of this anymore. A few taps on your smartphone and the electric lights and other home appliances will be switched off at your command. Suppose you are returning home on a cold winter day. With home automation, you will be able to set your home to the ideal temperature before your arrival. Not to mention that you can also play music, start your laundry, and switch on the stove from the comfort of wherever you are.

Time-Saving and Cost-Effective

With home automation, you won’t have to rush to the door every time the doorbell rings. This means that you can put your focus on more important tasks while monitoring your home remotely. Home automation will reduce your electricity bills since you will have complete control over most household appliances. This is why home automation has turned into a necessity for a smart and secure lifestyle.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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