Intercity Moving: Here’s a Checklist to Follow

Moving to a new place, even in the same city, requires profound courage. Whether you are moving out of your parent’s house for the first time or shifting to a new place due to your job, it is always a hectic task. Your mind is continuously engaged in the things you need to do and the things that still need to get completed. Above all, your mind is always rambling if you are missing something.

If you can relate to all mentioned above, do not worry, you are not alone. Moving is not a piece of cake. However, a proper plan can simplify everything. Therefore, to help you move to a new place without any stress or scramble inside your city, we came up with an absolute checklist. We have listed all the essentials you need to consider before moving to your new area. Hook your back up, get a pen and a diary and check if you have completed something. Read the article to the very end to manage a hustle free move like a pro!

Checklist Before Moving To A New Place:

Here is a list of the tasks you need to get done before moving to the next place:

Getting Started: Work on Storage Unit:

Storage units are great to keep and store all the stuff you cannot move instantly to your new place. These are also of immense importance when your new home is not big enough. For example, Arlington is one of the most crowded and busy cities in Texas. This business centre is the best idea not to move with much furniture and surplus stuff. The self-storage unit facility is well established around the city. So it will help if you rent a self storage in Arlington TX, to manage all your belongings like a pro without stuffing your living area with unused items. It will make the place more comfortable and commodious to live there.

Get everything listed and sort up

After you have solved storing and managing the things, the next thing you need to work on is sorting them out. Make sure you make a detailed inventory list. Divide all the items according to the category—furniture, clothing, kitchen wares, sports stuff, party items, cutlery, etc. Moreover, you need to make a separate list of fragile items. It ensures that these items are handled with care by movers and kept safely in your storage unit.

Get All the Packaging Supplies:

Get all the packaging supplies you will be needing. It includes tapes, boxes, packaging bags, etc. Moreover, you will also be needing bubble wraps to protect fragile items, blankets, and paper. Now here is a pro tip. While getting packaging stuff, you should go for an equal size of boxes. Besides, even if the same size is not available, go for not more than two dimensions. It will help in better storage and stability of the items while moving and during storage.

Items Packing:

Now when you are done with listing and have the packaging material. Here comes the most tricky part, packaging. While packaging, make sure you place the items according to the categories. Also, don’t forget to label each package from the sides and top with the title and packaged items. It will be easier if you print and paste the list items on every package.

Moreover, wrap blankets or around fragile items. First, pack each fragile item and cutlery in a bubble wrap. Place it nicely in the box and protect it with a blanket. Also, you can insert polyester sheets and cardboards for extra protection.

While packaging, ensure to fill all the package space. For this, you can use old newspapers, clothes or peanuts. It will prevent any damage while moving and stacking. Moreover, never store food products, flammable, perishables, or toxins with other items. You can keep dehydrated and well-preserved food safely. However, take care of the fact that it doesn’t attract pests.

Move Furniture:

Furniture is the bulkiest and heavy item while moving. So, managing it first can clear a lot of space to think about the rest of the things. Apply oil to the completely wooden furniture before moving. If you store it in your self-storage unit, be generous with the oil and give it due time to dry. Wrap it afterwards with the wrapping material. It is always the best idea to disassemble furniture before moving and storing it. It will help manage space as assembled furniture occupies a lot of space, such as a bed, table, and cupboards. Also, wrap the blanket on the furniture before moving. It will help prevent scratching and easy stacking.

Manage electronics and appliances

Electronics create a lot of trouble in assembling again when they get packaged in hassle. So, better take pictures of all the plugs, screws, and connections before you package. Try to locate the original packaging of all the material. If you cannot find them, you can think of wrapping them in cushion foam, bubble wrap, or a thick covering of newspapers. You can also use color-coded stickers for labeling cords and other components.

Clean all the appliances before storage. Moreover, avoid any moisture to prevent molds. Protect all the devices in the blanket. Also, avoid sticking tape directly to the device.

Be careful with fragile items

Here comes the most delicate part; fragile items are not easy to handle and prone to damage during transport. Also, your items are too expensive to bear any harm, right. Among such things are paintings and other art objects, mirrors, pictures, crystal, china, and glassware.

You need to first wrap it in the paper for art items, then cardboard, and then bubble wrap. Place all vertically in the large container. The same goes for pictures and mirrors. Do not forget to label clearly and place all the items vertically.

For the rest of the items, you should pack them size-wise. Wrap each in paper and bubble wrap. Place the blanket between layers and on the top and sides.

Store clothing, curtains, and drapes:

These are the items you will need often. So, manage them carefully. Keep all the clothes on the hanger. You can easily bind them with a zip tie and package them in a garments bag. You can also use wardrobe boxes for easy storage—pack winter and summer clothing separately. Also, package individually the dress you will take with you and those you will place in the storage unit. However, mind using non-rusting hangers while packaging.

You can also place socks and other foldable small items in dresser drawers. Always use mothballs or cedar chips between the woolen items of clothing.


Before moving, making a checklist is one of the best ideas to ensure a hassle-free move. It also helps you get all the things done in an organized way without leaving any critical item for the last moment. So, note down all the points mentioned above. Start packaging a week slowly before you are making the final move. Remember, staying organized is the key.

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