5 Mistakes People Make When Moving

Mistakes are the bridge between inexperience and experience. However, when moving, it isn’t the ideal time to be making any mistakes. Some of the different moving mistakes can be costly. You should therefore aim towards avoiding any errors no matter the approach that you choose.

To achieve moving success, you should focus on being error-free. Here are the top five mistakes that people make and the best ways of avoiding them.

1. Moving Without Checking all Options

Some people think that using movers will cost them more than moving by themselves. In return, they will result in making judgment errors. Moving by yourself will be tough since you rarely know how you’ll pack and the best process to implement when moving.

A mover will focus more on protecting your items by appropriating the best safety measures. They want to create a good image and provide you with the best customer service. However, moving by yourself can be tiresome, which might lead to you being sloppy.

At times, it can be hard knowing whether to hire a mover or move by yourself. To save yourself from making any mistakes, you should consider looking at all the hidden costs of moving by yourself:

  • Renting a moving vehicle
  • Road expenses (lodging, food, taxes, road tolls, etc.)
  • Renting moving equipment
  • Purchasing packing materials
  • Paying for fuel

Since you don’t have the necessary moving experience, you should factor in additional costs for likely injuries and damages. After which it’s easier to know whether you can complete the process or consider looking for professionals to assist you.

2. Not Researching the Movers

Some people will select the first moving company they come across. This is wrong because you won’t know of all the different options you might miss without proper research. Before showing any commitment to a moving company, you have to research them thoroughly.

Researching negates problems during moving and after moving. For example, a mediocre moving company might not have insurance for your items. Therefore, in case of any damage or theft, you will only have yourself to blame. Proper research guarantees that you will pick a transparent company.

Some of the solutions you can use to avoid this mistake will entail:

  • Asking Your Realtor – Realtors are typically well connected throughout the community and sometimes partner with reputable moving companies to help their clients transition into their new home.
  • American Moving and Storage Association – You have to focus on looking for some professional movers. They will guarantee that all your items will be in good hands. It will be easier to know the best reliable and reputable movers using this approach.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – You can search here to find businesses or movers that you can trust. Using the BBB database ensures that you know whether there are any complaints about the moving company of your choice.
  • Department of Transportation – Licensure is necessary when choosing a moving company. All movers ought to have a license from the Department of Transportation for legal operations within the U.S. The moving company you select should have a USDOT number. A simple search with the company name will assist you in verifying this.

3. Lacking a Moving Checklist

The key to a successful house move is proper organization. Your relocation will be smoother when you organize all the stages of the moving process. However, one common mistake that many people make is beginning a moving process without a strategy or plan in place.

Lacking a strategy as to how you’ll organize all your items and set priorities will lead to a mess. Creating a checklist ensures that you can track everything during the packaging and moving process. By having a good checklist, you will:

  • Be stress-free since it’s easier to complete all the pre-move preparations on time.
  • Stay motivated by ensuring that all the mini-tasks are complete before moving.
  • Retain the focus on all the essential tasks, thus negating time wastage.

4. Forgetting to Ask for Estimates

Making major moving mistakes will cost you money, time, and effort. When planning on moving out, some people might forget asking for in house estimates. These estimates allow you to find some affordable quotes and compare the services from different movers.

However, even when you get an estimate over the phone or email, consider requesting the best movers for an in-house estimate. By conducting a visual survey, the movers can know whether their estimate was correct or not. They can also check the different items to know whether they are competent for the process.

To negate any moving mistakes, consider asking at least three of the best moving companies. Being adamant about in-house estimates will ensure that you can always get the right quotes. Upon their visit to your home, the movers can assess their options and weigh the items to know whether they require any additional aid or materials.

5. Not Sorting Your Belongings

There are many mistakes you can make when moving, however, not sorting your belongings is the worst. There has to be some harmony when moving. Sorting your belongings will require for you to label every box within your house properly.

Before packing up and moving, you should ensure that everything is properly sorted. When packing, all boxes should have a label. It makes it easier to know where to deliver these items within the house. Also, consider taking this time to remove what you don’t need.

In most cases, we all have clutter in our home that we never use or need. Take this opportunity to remove all these materials and throw them away. It makes the moving process easier and ensures that the movers won’t waste their time and effort.

Sorting all the belongings will assist you in saving:

  • Space – If you don’t need some of the items during the move, throwing them away saves you space in your new home.
  • Money – When you pack more items during the moving process, chances are your mover will charge you more. Decluttering ensures that you can save yourself some money during the moving process.
  • Time – More materials will take more time to pack. Getting rid of all non-essentials will save you some time.
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