Importance of Upgrading Garage Lighting Layout With LED Light Fixtures

Most residential units have attached garage spaces that are accessible from inside the house or are partly isolated. They rarely have any natural lighting source and require an independent setup to make the space functional. Most garages are multi-purpose and that setup requires a good lighting layout. In most garage spaces fluorescent fixtures are of use which provide dim light just enough for a sense of visibility. Whereas garages serve as more than just parking or storage spaces and are in fact excellent task areas. 

Isolated home garages serve as workshops as well and they require proper lighting setup to facilitate the working conditions. There are several ways in which the entire setup can be customised for good lighting conditions and it can be beneficial in several ways. 

How to Create an Efficient Lighting Layout for Garages? 

A good layout involves a proper plan which facilitates the garage and improves the look and ambiance of the place. To create an energy efficient outlook it is important to have LED light fixtures and to incorporate them it is best to create a layout which determines their proper placement. 

To Plan a Layout for Garage the First Step Must Be: 

  • Determining the area of the garage
  • Measuring the ceiling height 
  • Incorporating the various zones within the garage i.e parking zone, task zone, storage zone. 

After determining these parameters it is easier to select the light fixtures for garages and the lumen output for each fixture. The efficient layout includes three basic lighting layers i.e, 

General Lighting 

General lighting is for basic illumination at all levels. It fills the area with optimum brightness with the help of general light fixtures.

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is for highlighting specific areas in the zone. It is very effective for storage shelves and illuminates important areas. 

Task Lighting 

Task lighting is for overhead lighting over workspaces. It focuses extra light over the zone to illuminate objects and enhance the details to help maintain precision to carry out the task. 

LED Light Fixtures for Garages 

LED manufacturers have introduced several different fixtures for garage lighting which fulfill various criteria of lighting. To check different garage lights for different applications visit this link. Few basic light fixtures for general and task illumination are: 

LED Shop Lights 

Shop lights are linear light fixtures available in a number of sizes. The fixture has a compact housing which has an integrated LED lamp and the glass lens which also act as a reflector and spread light over a large area. These shop lights allow various mounting options for feasibility as it has mounting brackets and light can both suspend through the ceiling or surface mount through clamps.

LED Wraparound Lights 

LED wraparound light fixtures are specifically for garages as they have a wide beam angled lens. The lens wraps around the lamp and disperse the light over a large surface area. These lights are excellent for low ceiling garages and they provide excellent illumination at all levels. 

LED Strip Lights 

LED strip lights are thin, linear light fixtures available in various sizes. They can affix in any place of the garage i.e ceiling, under cabinet, over task zones. They are customisable for different spaces and are the best fit for garage lighting. 

LED High Bay Lights 

LED high bay lights are the most powerful light fixtures for high ceiling areas. In garages with higher ceilings areas more lighting is a basic requirement and it can only be provided by high bay areas. Linear high bay lights are best fit for industrial spaces while round high bay lights are better for moderately high ceiling areas. For garages they provide optimum brightness at all levels. 

Advantages of Using LED Light Fixtures in Garages 

LED light fixtures have several advantages over traditional options at all levels. It provide several benefits such as: 

Uniform and Higher Lumen Output 

LED light fixtures produce uniform lighting in fixed beam angles. The lumen output is considerably higher than traditional lighting. They consume less energy than other options and provide higher illumination. 

Directional Lighting 

LED lamps do not disperse light in the surroundings, instead they have a fixed beam angle. It is adjustable and provides better lighting at all levels. Due to this reason, no amount of light is wasted in the surroundings. 

Ambient Lighting 

LED light fixtures provide ambient lighting. It can be adjusted for any area and create glare free lighting. It is adjustable through correlated colour temperature and high colour rendering index. It is adjustable on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K which produces warm yellow, cool white and daylight like light. For garages the optimum temperature is 3500K to 4500K. 

Smart Light Control Options 

These light fixtures are also compatible with different remote control options. These lights do not require to be open round the clock so it’s better if most of them have dimming options and carry motion sensors which only light up when they detect any motion. 

In conclusion, LED light fixtures are quite efficient and improve the lighting conditions of any space they are installed in. The light is glare free, ambient and efficient. Using LEDs reduces the workload and electricity and maintenance costs of the place by a huge margin as well. 

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