Tips to Renovate Your Home Garage With LED Light Fixtures

Having an additional space next to your house is always a charm but it is always such a task when it comes to making use of that space to its full potential. Home garages are more than just parking spaces they can be used as workspaces or more. It is conventional and the upgrade has several benefits such as the liberty of having a workspace open to any customisation.

The first and foremost priority of any workspace is its lighting setup, luckily there are quite a number of commercial light fixtures available for use in garages. LED shop lights being one of the most common of them. There are several commercial light fixtures that meet the requirements of the home garage layout. In order to get the best out of LED light fixtures here are a few general tips to follow prior to starting any renovations:

1. Make a garage layout

Constructing a layout according to your requirements is surely a task, but it serves well in the long run. Most garage spaces are reserved for parking and the rest of it is at the disposal of storage. When renovating special consideration must be given to decluttering the space during the whole process. With more space to work with it is easier to navigate around and keep it organised.

A layout can easily be setup in few steps:

  • Calculate the total area of the garage
  • Measure the ceiling height
  • Divide the zones accordingly
  • Reserve the task spaces and storage spaces

In this way, an overall layout is in shape which will help with the next step.

2. Learn the requirements of the place

The next step is calculating the total lumen requirements of the garage. The division of the zones makes it easier. For example, a general lighting pattern has a higher lumen requirement as it is expected to cover all the corners equally. The task spaces require extra overhead lighting to aid with focus on details on hand whereas around storage areas it is essential to have accent lighting layout in order to illuminate the shelves, cupboards or cabinets. The layout is subjective to any individual’s requirement.

3. Install LED light fixtures

Lastly, the choice of light fixtures determine the outcome of the renovation process. Traditionally, fluorescent tubes or HID lamps are used in garage lighting due to their ease of access and brightness. But they are quite inefficient in the long run and malfunction or cause maintenance issues quite frequently. On the other hand, LED light fixtures are sustainable and cost-effective and available in an array of designs and customisations to meet various lighting needs. Few of the popular garage lighting fixtures are:

– LED shop lights

LED shop lights are garage rated light fixtures. They are built to withstand any external harsh conditions a fixture might be subjected to in a task space. The housing of the fixture is made up of aluminum which is resistant against dirt, heat, moisture and temperature fluctuation. The fixture is sealed and IP rated for safety. It can be mounted on the ceiling in two ways: surface mount and suspended mount. One of the biggest benefits of shop lights is that they can be installed anywhere and at any height.

-LED wraparound lights

LED wraparound light fixtures mount on the ceiling surface and the lens or covering wraps around the housing. It has a multi-directional light spread and is quite feasible for general lighting. The fixture is rated against moisture and dirt while the lens is made up of polycarbonate which is scratch or breakage resistant. It is quite an economical and efficient light fixture.

-Wall packs

Wall packs are usually outdoor light fixtures but due to their sleek design profile, they have numerous applications in garages. These wall packs are installable on garage walls or on the exterior walls around the garage for more security. While on the inside they serve as excellent accenting light fixtures. They minimise energy usage and are quite an ambient addition to the garage lighting layout.

There are several high graded light fixtures to suit the requirements of garages as these areas usually do not have any external light source. If the garage space is more than usual or the ceiling height is more than 20 feet it is feasible to look for other commercial light fixtures which fulfill the illumination requirements.

Advantages of Installing LED light fixtures in home garages

1. Uniform lighting layout

LED light fixtures like LED shop lights, LED wraparound lights or other retrofit LED integrated fixtures provide a very uniform lighting layout. They do not disperse light in the surrounding like fluorescent lamps, in this way no light is wasted in the surroundings. LED light fixtures have a very fixed beam spread which directs the light at the point of the illumination. The light is uniform, equally distributed and glare free.

2. Energy efficient

The energy efficiency of LED light fixtures is unmatched. It addresses the main concern of lighting that is energy costs. These fixtures run on low wattage and produce more lumens. Lumens is a measure of the brightness of LED fixtures. Higher lumen output at low energy consumption is the reason why LED technology is favoured. This highly reduces the electricity costs and makes the fixtures last longer.

3. Low maintenance

LED fixtures are super low maintenance. The biggest problem with usual light fixtures was their inability to last longer than a few months in technical surroundings. Moreover, their function is quite inconsistent and they are unable to withstand any emergency situation like a power outage. LED light fixtures on the other hand have longer life spans and have proven to be of use in emergency situations with their backup options as well as the ability to withstand environmental factors like fluctuating temperatures, exposure to moisture, dirt or chemicals. They do not require frequent maintenance or replacement which saves a lot of time, energy and electricity costs.

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