How to Use Lawn Fertilizers Safely and Effectively

Did you know that, if not used properly, lawn fertilizer is poisonous to humans and can potentially cause someone to become very ill? These poisons not only affect humans but can be fatal to our pets as well. 

Proper handling and care of lawn fertilizer is of the utmost importance! You might be wondering how to use lawn fertilizer to get a nicer yard without harming anyone. Read this guide below to find out more!

Proper Storage For Your Lawn Fertilizer

First and foremost, before you can begin fertilizing your lawn, the fertilizer needs to be properly stored when not in use. The storage space should be in a dry, humidity-free space, and children or pets should not be able to access it. 

Normally, a garden shed that has a lock and bolt is a good option because the fertilizer will be free from the elements and accessible only with a key.

Wearing Gloves

This goes without saying that the handling of fertilizer should be done while wearing gloves. The less skin contact that the fertilizer has on your body, the better. If you are worried about fertilizer accidentally getting into your respiratory system, then you can wear a face mask.

If it’s your first time trying to fertilize, you could always make use of a professional company such as the one at

Allow For 48 Hours

Once you have applied the fertilizer, you should immediately water the lawn so that the fertilizer can be absorbed into the grass. If you live in a summer rainfall area, then make sure you fertilize the lawn before it rains and absorption will happen naturally. 

After you do this step, you should then wait for around 48 hours before you let any family member or pet walk on or play on the grass. Waiting this period will all but ensure that the fertilizer has been absorbed and isn’t harmful anymore.

Use Organic Fertilizer

If you are worried about the effects of fertilizer not only on your family but on the environment, you can go the organic fertilizer route.

There is now a wide array of organic fertilizer products that you can classify as the best lawn fertilizer since they are non-invasive to humans and the environment.

Mulching Your Grass

By far the easiest and fastest way to do lawn fertilization is by mulching your grass clippings.

While mowing, remove the basket and the clippings will fall back into the grass and add nutrients to your lawn while they decompose.

Rather Be Safe Than Sorry

Being cautious and averting any danger is your number one priority, and it should be no different when you’re working with lawn fertilizer. By following these few steps, you can protect your whole family, and you can ensure that you have one of the greenest lawns around!

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