Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Yard

If you are like most people, you may enjoy the colors of fall but may be hesitant to embrace the changes. Not only will the leaves start to fall but it means you will also need to take care of your lawn and make sure your yard looks great for this season. To reduce the hassle, here are some fall lawn care tips to help you out. Or, you may also browse this page.

Test the Grass

If your lawn is looking dead and it is not handling the changes of the season you may want to test the soil. The pH levels can be off. You need to reduce the acidity levels and add some lines. If you need to reduce the alkalinity in the lawn you can add sulfur. Taking care of the lawn in the fall will allow it to look great in the spring.

Weed ControlĀ 

Just because the weather is getting cooler does not mean that your yard is safe from weeds. You are still going to need to apply a weed control product to get rid of the weeds. During the fall, spot treatment for weeds is best to use. This will allow you to avoid any new growth. 


If you have grass that thrives in cooler weather, you are going to want to use a power mower or a dethatcher to help control your lawn. If organic material is allowed to build up, then it will now allow water or nutrients to get through the grass. This tool will allow the soil to have some openings. This will allow water and nutrients to get in and reach all areas of the grass. The grass during warmer seasons does not need this treatment. 



During the fall you are still going to need to water the lawn. The grass is still going to need water even with the falling temperatures. The water the grass gets in the winter will provide it with everything it needs during the winter. You are not going to need to water as often as you would in the summer so you should maintain a regular schedule to make sure the lawn is getting enough water.


You are going to need to fertilize your lawn in the fall. One pound of nitrogen is needed for every 1,000 square feet. Winter guard products can also work well. Do not use fertilizers that are built for warmer weather. This may not work well and will mess up the natural process of the lawn.


If you want to have a green lawn during the summer you should be overseeded during the fall. You should get annual seeds so this will allow the grass to grow in any season. 


You should add half an inch to the height of the lawnmower. Do not cut the grass shorter than 2 inches or move more than one-third of the leaves. This will allow the lawn to get the nutrients that are needed. 


While some leaves can provide nutrients to the lawn it is important to not allow them to get out of control. You should rake the majority of the leaves off of the grass. It is okay to leave some leaves here and there but mats of leaves can be harmful to the grass. 

These are some lawn care tips to help keep your yard looking great even in the fall. Following these tips will allow you to have a great yard no matter what season it is.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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