How To Design Your Living Room? Your Choices And Checklist

For interior designers in Bangalore, the Living room is the most crucial area of the house. It is the place we receive guests and where first impressions are made. The living room, therefore, reflects on you and your family and thus must be given the respect and care that it commands.

The room’s design is highly dependent on the preferences of the homeowner and the aesthetic appeal they wish to include. Still, there are some living room essentials that interior decorators in Bangalore believe must be added to every great living room arrangement. This checklist will help guide you through deciding what you need to build the perfect living room design and its functions:

The Sofa

They are the most expensive pieces of furniture to purchase and the most important to nail down. It needs to be highly functional, comfortable, and stylish as it is the largest and most useful piece in the living room. Furthermore, everything else that you incorporate into the room revolves around the sofa; therefore, it is a great place to start your design process.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Once you have decided on a sofa, the next step is to determine the coffee table that will meet your needs. They are a highly functional addition providing you a central area for glasses, magazines, TV remotes, etc. There are essentially three main things to consider when deciding on the coffee table. They are the shape, height, and material. It is important to choose the table that looks and feels great and is functional to use.


They provide extra seating arrangements for guests and help balance excess space available in the room. Make sure to plan considering where you will place the chairs and that the chair’s design matches the sofa for the best overall appeal.

Side tables

Side tables are a nice and seamless way to add extra surface space to your room. You must coordinate the side tables with the design of the coffee table and make sure that its height is similar to that of the sofa and chair arrangements for maximum functionality.


They are the secret ingredient to putting together a room and provide an opportunity to add color into the room. The curtain design must not clash with the rest of the décor though it is suggested that they are bold as they can liven up the room’s atmosphere and effect.

Overhead Lighting:

Lights are a great way to create emotion and a sense of energy into a room. Dim lighting creates a calm atmosphere. Modular kitchen Bangalore can also experiment with different colors; however, yellow is considered the best as it creates a warm and cozy feel.



A nice rug adds to the room’s ambiance; however, care must be taken in choosing the right color and material to avoid unnecessary maintenance and cleaning. Especially if you have young children or dogs who can damage your area rugs. You can use them to create contrast between the rug and the sofa and, if used correctly, is a great addition to the room’s décor.


They make the room more cozy and stylish. They can easily be changed; therefore, they are an easy and functional addition to your living room. Furthermore, accent pillows can add a flair to an otherwise dull sofa.

This is our checklist of essential living room additions that you need for the perfect living room design. We hope this article helps you understand the required pieces and their importance to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living room arrangement.

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