Modern Kitchen equipment and their uses In the Kitchen

A-List of 22 Kitchen Equipment and Their Uses

You must be having a grand hobby of collecting kitchen equipment? Yes isn’t it? This is the right page where you can learn about how to set up or decorate your dream kitchen. The popularity of the kitchen equipments is quite high and therefore they are being given most preferences. In the present world, kitchen equipments are handy devices that are used for cooking. There is hardly any kitchen where you cannot find kitchen equipments. These are a one-stop solution for work in the kitchen. Before you get started at the kitchen the foremost activity you should be following some rules.

You should be ready with the kitchen apron and the masks over the head so that hairs do not be the obstacle in the delicious food you are cooking. Kitchen equipments are very essential for food making. Thus we must know about the kitchen equipments and their uses. No person can live without food. Thus it is mandatory that your kitchen should be organized in a modern way so that you can prepare some restaurant-style food items just at home. Isn’t that sound healthy? A cool collection of equipments make you feel confident enough when at work.

Everyone is busy in the modern day schedule. Thus the kitchen equipments used in the process of cooking define the real taste of the food. A kitchen can be defined as part of a room where you can look for used food preparation or cooking. A modern kitchen is equipped with correct equipments around like the sink, stove, refrigerator, water purifier and various modular designs as well. Many of the households also provide a dishwasher, oven and various other electrical appliances too. To work with the equipments, you should know about the equipments that are needed for our daily life.  

Through this article, we aim to discuss the kitchen equipments and their uses. Thus stay tuned with us.

Top 22 Kitchen Equipment and Their Use

1) Kitchen Knives: – One of the useful equipments in the kitchen is the knives. Cooking is incomplete without the knife. You can buy the kitchen knives available from online stores also. These knives are specially made for cooking purposes only. They are quite sharp and can cut vegetables greatly. There are many kinds of knives such as Chef Knives, bread knives, paring knives, Utility knives and so on. You can also get a finger protector that you can use with these knives to avoid bloodshed accidentally.

2) Refrigerator- Since kitchen appliances can extend from larger to smaller equipment therefore they should be used properly. The critical piece of kitchen accessories is the refrigerator. It is about preserving the food items that require conservation for a longer period. A refrigerator’s purpose is to keep perishable food cold so that it doesn’t spoil. Just as most people know, the perishable food items are to be kept under cool temperatures. A refrigerator is indeed a one-stop solution for these items. As most people know, perishable food like vegetables, milk, herbs and cheese can go bad if they’re not preserved in a temperature-controlled environment. You can check out Iron Mountain Refrigeration.

3) Cutting Board- It is indeed an important tool for a kitchen. It indeed is really great for cutting vegetables and also chopping small pieces of food items. The quality of the cutting board matters. You can easily cut anything by using this type of board in the kitchen. Thus it is important that you choose the right kind of board after deciding the kitchen atmosphere. A cool one will add an essence to your décor.

4) Measuring Spoons- These spoons are indeed used for ingredients at the kitchen requisite for cooking. These essential spoons help in measuring the right measure of solid items or liquid. It plays an important role in the kitchen by measuring cooking ingredients. The right amount of measure is still on the move.

5) Mixer Grinder- This is important kitchen equipment available in almost every kitchen.  A perfect blend of mixer grinder is used in order to grind mixtures of ingredients required n daily life. It is an essential standby for mixing ingredients through hands. You can get a high quality of grinder machine online by ordering the best brand within budget of course.

6) Colander: – This indeed is one of the necessary equipment in the kitchen which is used to wash off the dirt from the vegetables and green salads. This is another equipment that is a must-have for draining food items like pasta and noodles. Thus it is impossible to cut down colander from the list of essential kitchen equipment.

7) Blender Machine: this is a kind of machine equipment that needs a special mention in this kitchen equipment list. This Blender helps in making juice, smoothies and Lassi too. You can check out the online search of the equipments in order to get a fantastic blender machine.  

8) Stovetops and gas stovetops: This is indeed an essential kitchen equipment item which requires less time to heat the cooking utensils. The pans are also heated at high flame. Most chefs and the cooks at home prefer using gas stoves as the degree of the heat and the flame is being maintained below. You can buy the electric gas tops depending on your needs. With the proper usage of the stovetops, you can properly heat your food. The electric four-burner stovetops are used to elaborate dishes powered by gas.

9) Cheese Grater: The cheese grater is indeed one of the best equipment to grate cheese at home only. This is used for garnishing and increasing the better taste of food. You can use it unevenly in your food items like pizza, hotdog and bread corn sandwiches to make the food much tastier.

10) Oven Mitts: – Apart from all other equipment, it is necessary that you also have oven mitts at your modern kitchen décor. This adds to the list of modern accessories and equipments in the kitchen. This is worn by the user as gloves to protect themselves against the hot objects, cookware. These are alike potholders. Silicon gloves are made of insulated fabric that is water and stain-resistant.

11) Electric Kettle:- The electric kettle is a great invention and a perfect match for the kitchen. This works great for instant warm water and tea. You can use this as a handy device even when you are traveling. Especially those who love to have tea frequently can prefer traveling with this electric kettle that is indeed a one-stop solution for tea and instant warm water.  


 12) Gas Oven: This essential equipment is indeed common in every kitchen. Without a gas oven it is indeed impossible to start cooking. Compared to other devices, fire flames and temperature is controlled accordingly. You can cook at a time 4 types of items at one go.

13) Micro Oven: This equipment suits those people who are into little stylish and love eating fast foods and special recipes that are only possible baking in the micro oven. There are ample benefits of using a micro oven. You can also get a micro oven within your budget. This will help you in meeting your eating needs.

14) Tongs: This equipment looks like large pincers. It is used for lifting and grasping vessels that are heated at high temperatures with chemical reactions. These are used for heating chapattis, moving food items, serving salads or spaghetti. It is used for serving easy in just one grab. You can use them in tossing and stir it fry.

 15) Ladle: – A ladle is designed with a broad spoon base where you can get to see them serve greater purposes. It is a kitchen tool that is a mandatory product as it is used for stirring and preparing food items. You can also use the ladle to skim and stir ingredients. This also facilitates lifting the liquid and then conveying it to a different bowl.

16) Peelers: this is indeed equipment which is used to peel off the vegetable scarper. There is a hard edge attached to every peeler. It is used peel broccoli, potatoes, apples, pears and skinny vegetables also. Another invention is the speed peeler which reduces time to no-cost energy for the users.

17) Induction:- this equipment helps you cook your meal faster but is operated through electricity. It is easy to clean and results in consistent and delicious results. It hardly consumes more electricity. With the cooking in induction, the percentage of the heat generated is used for cooking.

18) Pressure Cooker:- this air tight device is used to boil and prepare the meal very faster. In less than 20 minutes your food will be ready and drinkable. Food items like boiling of food, making of cheesecakes, cakes are also prepared. Cooking becomes fast in a pressure cooker.

19) Kitchen Chimney: The chimney at the kitchen plays a great role. It removes the pungent odour during cooking. It adds to the interior decor of your kitchen. The amount of heat is being reduced while cooking the food. It also protects the walls of your kitchen tiles. They do not get the walls sticky and thus maintain hygiene in the kitchen décor.

 20) Strainer:– This is the equipment of kitchen devices It can strain away fine spot of strain on the utensils and the cups and plates. Therefore you can use them which turn up to be a one-stop solution for your training in the kitchen.

21) Mesh Sieve: This is one of the finest kitchen equipment tools. It is indeed used to sieve the fruits and vegetables for a better wash. You can also use them as baskets for fitting in sinks or pots to let flow the liquid without any complaint of dirt or unhygienic accumulations.

 22) Cylinders: This is accessory equipment used with the gas oven. You have to fill in with the gas and use it for cooking purposes. Since the temperature can be controlled thus it is preferred the most compared to the Induction and electric heaters. LPG gas is being filled within the cylinders. There is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases too. All that is required is never light a matchstick with the knob of the cylinders open to avoid extreme fire hazards.

Last Words on Kitchen Equipment and Their Usage

When it is about a basic kitchen set up all that is included are the essential tools for everyday cooking. This cooking procedure includes the real cooking, not just heating and hosting of small dinner parties. It is about what you need to do for setting up a kitchen. Setting up your wonderful kitchen also involves the decision about the whereabouts of the kitchen equipments. This is like your collection of kitchen equipment which you plan for a dream project. It will develop over time, but there are some helpful tips that you should get started with. Learn to cook with kitchen equipments.

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