Home Illuminations To Gleam Up Your Place Like Never Before

According to the statistics, by the next five years, the number of smart homes is forecasted to grow and surpass the 350 million mark. That stupendous number is definitely mind-boggling, isn’t it? The rising awareness about home sustainability and striking an ecological balance has led dwellers around the world to switch to more intelligent alternatives when it comes to home appliances and essentials. For instance, more and more homeowners are gradually shifting to other renewable sources of energy instead of conventional ones. And one of the most significant changes that can be seen is in the home illuminations.

What makes your house look so attractive and inviting at a glance is not the furnishings but the lightings. You may not have paid as much attention to it in the daytime, as the abundance of natural light inside the house does most of the heavy lifting. But when it comes to the days or times when you need some extra help to shine what is inside the house, you need to have good lighting options. Just not for the sheer purpose of utility, these are especially important even to add in the factor of a little aesthetic beauty. And when combined with smart home technologies, it lights up the house in efficient and effective ways, which are also cost-reducing.

When it comes to light up the entire house, the idea is to go really smart for maximum space coverage. Dull and dark corners do not appear glance worthy and that is why it is important to consider the options which can brighten up the entire room in an instant. Below are some of our hand-picked choices which we believe will take to your liking in no time.

1. Moon Lamps

Fairly popular, this amazing lighting can add to the dreamy vibe in a moment. This one comes with its own stand and is majorly stationary. This one is so pretty that you will indeed feel like having a mini-moon inside your room and we promise you won’t go tired admiring its beauty with the awe of a stargazer. Either you can use it as a night light, or you can even hang it from the ceiling like an orb. The changing colors and amazing texture on the surface make this one a must-have indeed.

2. Pendant Lights

These are the options to go for when you need spotlighting without the actual stage focus. The pendant lights can go as low as you want and their hat-like shade concentrates the beams within a restricted area. Usually, these are preferred to be in studios or kitchens, where the primary need is to have task lights, under-lightings in shadowy spots, and statement factors to add in the out of the world feel. Depending upon the size of the area you are aiming to install these in, you can increase the number accordingly. The emitted light creates soft pools of illumination which helps to make a perfect ambiance for having a social chat with a friend or loved one. You can make your choice about the material from glass to rustic enamelware and get ready to be dazzled.

3. LED strip lighting

Another way to jazz up a room quite instantly is by the addition of LED strip lighting. And along with that, if you have a controller to go with it, then there is nothing that can be truly better than it. To create dazzling displays and change the color, these little devices are very essential to help you realize the full potential of these luster lamps. According to the experts at Ellumiglow, the dimmers help to control the intensity of the lights in the fixed set up to match with the extensions of the surroundings. These work so amazingly well, that they will definitely make your guests feel more at ease in a cozy environment. 

4. Shelves Illumination

Sometimes, there are so many shelves in the house which go largely unnoticed because of their positions. Now you may not be able to change that, but that does not mean that you cannot illuminate them. With gleaming fairy lights and lamps on the shelves, you can make the most ignored corners also come alive. Not to forget, by increasing the visibility of these far-flung portions, you also end up increasing the reach. So, the next time you want to reach out for that particular book, the dull corner would definitely look all the more enticing to walk up to.

5. Modern Chandelier for the living space

Chandeliers are one of those house elements which will never go out of style, come what may. And that is why you need to have at least one of these to liven up your living space. Depending upon the style of your interiors or your house form, you can choose from the ornate-styled ones. Or if you are rather a fan of contemporary minimalism, you can select something from the geographical designs. Try looking out for multiple options till you stumble on the one which matches and complements the rest of the scheme.

6. Rustic Lamps

There is an undeniable beauty about rustic lamps hanging in the backyard which cannot be replicated by anything else. This look absolutely breathtaking in an evening of dark clouds and the dim lighting aura it creates just makes everything around magical. The retro look offers a wealth of texture and architectural interest. If you wish to increase the element of drama, then you can deviate from the natural colors towards more playful and vibrant ones. 

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Last but not the least, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is also making its popularity widely known in the circles of home aesthetics. With qualities good for the health and beneficial attributes like being a mood booster, sleep improver, allergy easer, asthma reliever, and air purifying advantages apart from the illuminating soft pink glow makes it one of the things to have inside your home for sure.

The Conclusion

Apart from the ones discussed above, you can also try and experiment with Photograph Lights, Mix and Match Shapes, and a few Art Deco Options. A well-lit home always looks warm and helps to reflect the personality of the one who lives in it as good and smart lighting makes all the difference. Thus, are hopeful that these lighting options help you to create a ravishing brilliance of radiance in your house.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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