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Setting up a modern kitchen means that you will have to get the best when it comes to pantry and cabinet designs. And you can trust there are many styles to choose from when it comes to custom pantry designs. From minimalist to those that take a more complex approach, finding the right fit for your kitchen should be easy once you find the right kitchen storage solution outfit to work with. 

Need help with custom pantry cabinets and kitchen storage solutions in Vancouver? You can get in touch with the team at designer closet guys to help you out. But you can find the tips below to be useful when in the market for a custom pantry. 

Custom Pantry Designs to Consider 

When looking to install a custom pantry at home, you want to factor in how you want the finished design to look. And you can be sure to design your kitchen however you choose. But when it comes to the best styles available to choose from, below are the top options you want to consider

Tall Pantry Design 

A combination of storage shelves with a floor-to-ceiling design could be ideal for use in a large kitchen with enough space to work with. This means that you get more storage room to keep all your cooking essentials. You can make use of shelf dividers to make more storage space. But you want to make sure that you make use of quality plywood and design materials when planning a tall kitchen pantry. 

It will help if you combine design elements from your floor and wall so you get a stylish finish when you are done. You can check here for tips on how to design your kitchen space. 

Airy Pantry 

It could be that you are more interested in having enough space in your kitchen. And in this case, you want to consider an airy pantry that allows more room for you to work with when in the kitchen. You can make use of a tall cabinet strategically placed around the space so you can easily organize your storage. 

Consider the room for other essential kitchen appliances such as your washing machine and ovens when planning an airy pantry so you keep things organized. 

Minimalist Pantry 

You could also opt to design your pantry with a minimalist approach where you aim to achieve an organized look. Even though you want the space to be easy to move around, you want to make sure there is enough room to store all your cooking essentials. The goal is to keep things orderly while making sure that you have the right storage space to hold all you require to do your cooking. This link more on organizing your cabinets in your cooking space. 

Things to Note When Designing a Custom Pantry 

The thing about custom designs is that you get the opportunity to get creative. And when it comes to your cooking space and cabinet storage, you have the option of designing however you please. But you must consider a few things that will be critical to the design. And they include


You want to make sure there is enough room in the kitchen to work comfortably. This means that you want to ensure there is space to move around freely without colliding with the structures. You want to also use cabinet styles that allow for ample space to store all you need in your kitchen. 


You also will need to come up with a design that blends into your aesthetics when fitting in a new pantry. More than often, you want to use materials that are easy to clean and offer durability if you hope to get the best. You can always check home design magazines and consult with cabinet experts when it comes to deciding on how to fit in your pantry. 

Use Quality Materials 

It is ideal that you make use of durable plywood for the construction and also quality materials for the cabinet and drawer handles. There are many options to choose from when looking at the best materials for a cabinet and you want to make sure to go for the best ones available. 

Final Note 

You can trust the input of the team at designer closet guys when it comes to designing and installing a custom pantry and cabinet in your kitchen. You should budget appropriately and make sure that you factor in your needs and make use of quality materials all through the design. 

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