How to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that you can skip major overhauls of a kitchen renovation by restyling only one element in the space?

Shortening the time span of your home renovation can save you time and money. Why not start with your kitchen cabinets?

Read our guide on how to update your kitchen cabinets and find out why the results will leave you speechless and ready for more!

Choose a Fresh Color Palette

Color combinations offer you the chance to create a tailored theme for each room. What essence are you trying to envoke with your kitchen’s aesthetic? 

A fresh color palette can help you refresh the energy in one of your home’s main working spaces. 

Enjoy freshening up your kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint in an unexpected color. This inexpensive technique can be done as often as you’d like until you find the perfect color combination for your kitchen cabinets.

Purchase Designated Cabinet Containers

Don’t forget that the inside of your kitchen cabinets is just as important as what’s on the outside! One of the most valuable kitchen upgrades that you can invest in is a kitchen cabinet organization system.

Small pantry items and cutlery pieces can easily become disorganized. A kitchen cabinet organization system quickly finds a home for all of the small pieces that make your kitchen run smoothly.

Enjoy coordinating your cabinet baskets and containers in a variety of colors and materials—the possibilities are endless!

Increase the Size of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for a small-scale kitchen remodel project to complete this summer? Consider ripping out your kitchen cabinets to make space for bigger ones!

Large kitchen cabinets can quickly become the artistic focal point of your kitchen if built and painted correctly!

A variety of kitchen textures and cabinet materials are available on the market for your browsing pleasure! Why not get creative with an expansive kitchen cabinet mural or explore paint patterns with painter’s tape?


Switch Out Your Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

Looking for an option that is low-input and cost-effective? Consider installing new cabinet handles! Cabinet pulls and handles are an easy way to repurpose your existing kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet handles can be purchased online, thrift an antique store, or be created from unconventional materials like forks and spoons.

Decide on your new kitchen’s theme and then get to work on finding the perfect cabinet handles to match! The Jeffrey Alexander Hardware Collections feature on-trend kitchen hardware for 2022.

Let Your Cabinets Inspire a Total Kitchen Renovation

Once your begin updating your kitchen cabinets, you will quickly be inspired to continue throughout the rest of the space. 

Keep this in mind when updating your kitchen cabinet so that you can easily update the rest of your kitchen around your new focal point.

Keep Yourself and Your Home up to Date

Now that you know how to update your kitchen cabinets, let’s help you with the rest of your home. Read our other blog posts for the latest trends and innovations that can upgrade your lifestyle!

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