Get to Know the 5 Best Vinyl Fence Styles for Your Home

The fencing industry has experienced tremendous advancements in the recent past. We are now moving beyond the simple wooden fence to advanced designs offering enhanced privacy and durability. An example is vinyl fencing; these fences have gained exploding popularity and appeal to many.

Are you seeking to install a new fence in your home? Well, your options are limitless. There are various reasons to go for a vinyl fence, and the choice of styles is impressive.

 Why Install a Vinyl Fence?

 Vinyl is popular among most homeowners, thanks to its many benefits. If you’re seeking attractive yet low-maintenance fencing for your home, vinyl would be ideal. Here’s why;

  • Easy cleaning& installation 

 Vinyl is easy to clean and install and is rot-resistant. You can clean it with a hose to wash away the dirt without needing to paint or stain your fence. Also, you’ll get vinyl fencing in a wide range of colors. Most people worry about termites and weather damage when it comes to fencing, but this isn’t the case with vinyl. There are various things to learn about vinyl fencing, and going through the Frequently Asked Questions from the Davis Fences website will offer more insight.

  • Robust& flexible

Vinyl fencing is more robust compared to wood and is highly flexible. As such, it’s an excellent choice for areas with extreme weather. Vinyl is unique and can withstand extremely hot weather and heat without rotting or fading. This makes it a cost-effective option for anyone who wishes to save considerable amounts of money in the long run.

That’s not all, though! Vinyl fencing will add value and style to your home and at a lower cost. It’s less pricey than wood and iron fencing and will significantly raise the value of your property.

  • Enhanced privacy

 Are you seeking a little more privacy in your home? Vinyl fencing is useful for neighborhoods where houses are close to each other. This type of fence has no gaps between the pickets and offers additional privacy and protection. 

Vinyl fencing

What Are the Vinyl Fencing Styles to Consider?

1. Pool Fence

 A vinyl fence will cover your swimming pool and enhance the safety of your kids and pets. It also offers optimal privacy to swimmers, and you’ll get in different styles and sizes. Again, vinyl fences are designed to meet all the building regulations and are safe in home pools. Before making a selection, inquire from the local building department on the height and spacing regulations.

2. Picket Fence

A picket fence is a classic style that will help you create that timeless look in your home. It’s ideal for a variety of landscapes, thanks to its ornamental boundary. Picket fences feature horizontal and beam rails attached to posts. The fence features pickets, which are evenly spaced boards attached to the rails. You’ll get picket fencing in traditional and contemporary designs.

3. Privacy Fencing

 Privacy vinyl fences are ideal for any homeowner who cares about privacy. They deliver full privacy and have no gaps in between the pickets. To enhance the look, add a picket finish on the top to achieve a stylish design. Can I tell you more? The good thing about privacy fencing is that it requires minimal maintenance. You can get this type of fencing in dark hues and semi-transparent stains.

4. Post& Rail Fence

 Post and rail fences are common in animal enclosures. They are ideal for decorative purposes and are designed to help contain horses and livestock. What are its outstanding features? A posts and rail fence features vertical and horizontal beams connected to each other. It resembles wood grain and will help you achieve that woody look without spending much on maintenance.

5. Semi-private Fence

 A semi-private fence resembles a private fence, only that it allows an excellent balance between privacy and airflow. The fence has a slight spacing in between the pickets allowing light and air to enter your home. However, it still offers lots of privacy and protection.

 The Bottom Line

 A vinyl fence is a superior fencing choice compared to other fencing materials. When we talk of maintenance, durability, and cost of installation, a vinyl fence wins. Again, you can get such fences in different styles to suit your taste and preferences. However, it’s advisable to engage professionals during the installation process. And this avoids simple mistakes that can jeopardize your privacy and safety.

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