A Simple Guide to Filling a Large Size Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is one of the best places you can spend summer with family and friends. However, to get the best of your pool time, you should ensure it has the right water level in it. That means you should fill the swimming pool with water at the right time –or just before the swimming party begins.

The simple task of filling your swimming pool with water may require more than just water and a garden hose. If your swimming pool is a bit large, you may need more than just water to fill it up. There are different activities involved in the fill-up process. You can contact Waters Choice if you need chemical-free pool & hot tub cleaning services. Here we share with you some tips to fill up your swimming pool like a pro.

Step #1: If your swimming pool is winterized, pull the expansion plugs from the wall returns and the skimmers. Adjust the plugs to the right settings. You don’t have to follow this step if you have a new pool.

Step #2: The second step is to gather and connect all the pool accessories such as a heater, pump, underwater lighting, and the filtration system. You should also install the drain plugs in the heater, pump, filter, and other accessories as required. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting the products in your pool.

Step # 3: Connect the outdoor faucet and the garden hose. First, you should first ensure the hose is away from electrical plugs and lines, then stretch it across the swimming pool. You can order water from a pool water service near you. Connect the water to your swimming pool from the driveway or some distance to the pool.

Step #4: Fill the pool with water to the right level or until it touches the skimmer’s middle surface. How long it takes to fill up your swimming pool will depend on whether you have the water delivered or you’re using a garden hose. It takes about 30 minutes to fill up your swimming pool if you go for water delivery services with 60,000 gallons of water. You will also spend some time fixing your pool and getting it ready for the fill-up.

Step #5: Plug the pool filtration system: Once the water level reaches the filter inlets, you can plug in the pool filtration system. Follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer to prime the pump. You should also check that the connection has no leaks.

To test the blowing and sucking force, you can hold your hand over the inlet. In case you don’t feel any water pressure from the inlets, you can turn the equipment off and resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

It should not be that difficult to fill your pool with water. If you have someone to guide you through the process, it takes less time. Apart from serving the swimming pool with water, you should ensure you keep it clean and fresh. Reach out to a professional for more tips on taking care of your swimming pool.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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