Commercial Bathroom Stalls Are Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

There are a lot of factors that can influence the manner you establish a reputation for a business. Other than having to learn how to interact and engage appropriately with clients, the design of interiors also relates to the quality of one’s business operations. Not only is this constrained, though, to the fixtures in the reception area or perhaps in the conference room.  

The aesthetics and cleanliness of the bathrooms in a business are very crucial. To positively impact a business and give it a respectable and world-class image, you should consider investing in commercial bathroom stalls.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls for Business Establishment Must-Knows

There are several different types of bathroom stalls available in the market. Some commercial bathroom stalls are composed of the highest-quality pressure laminates; others are made from wood, and others are made of plastic. Most of these bathroom stalls have anti-bacterial properties. 

If you are still doubtful about making an investment in commercial bathroom stalls, here is a list that might persuade you why commercial bathroom stalls are a must for your company. 

1. Provides Better Privacy

Restrooms that can only accommodate a single occupant at a time are common in several establishments. However, they can be quite inconvenient, particularly for those families who have kids and elderly people who may need assistance when using the toilet. Therefore, it would be advisable to allocate a certain amount of money. It can make your commercial bathroom stalls appealing to clients.

Installing toilet partitions in a bathroom with ample space for a waiting area is best if there are families that frequent your establishments. Businesses that may stand to gain from commercial bathroom stalls include malls, supermarkets, theaters, healthcare facilities, and the like.

If a business caters to many people every day, it just will not make sense to have a bathroom with single occupancy. It is not only unfeasible; it can be costly as well. In addition, having your customers or clients stand in line to use the toilet will impair productivity. Taking into account these reasons, it is reasonable to conclude that commercial bathroom stalls are a must-have for most business establishments. 


2. It Can Better Cater To People Who Have Problems With Mobility

It is the moral obligation of any business owner to be considerate of people with a disability who frequent the business. Single occupancy bathrooms typically do not have any specific fixtures that support people with mobility difficulties. On the other hand, customizable bathroom stalls can be designed and installed separately for clients. It can be done with accessibility problems in adherence to the requirements set up by ADA.

3. It Is More Hygienic 

Having only a single-occupancy bathroom in a building will not guarantee optimal sanitation or cleanliness. For example, in a single-occupancy restroom, having a single customer who will make a mess will already have a massive effect on hygiene throughout the place. On the other contrary, a commercial bathroom with stalls is simpler to manage and sanitize. This is particularly true if you are using modular toilet stalls that are coated with anti-bacterial laminate.

 In addition to the abovementioned beneficial effects, commercial bathroom stalls will significantly impact the way your consumers perceive your business. Commercial toilet stalls will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent complement to your business – whether you own a hotel, restaurant, fitness center, school, movie theater, etc.  

There are many stores where you can buy premium commercial bathroom stalls, although not all of them can offer you the best value for your money. Just before you dive in and spend some money on bathroom stalls, there are still considerations you need to keep in mind.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls

What Are Bathroom Stalls Made Of?

When it comes to buying supplies for the commercial bathroom, you ought to make sure that you would choose reliable and robust materials that do not need a lot of maintenance and something that would not break the bank. Sad to say, this seems to be more challenging than it sounds.

One of the most critical factors that affect your choice of bathroom stalls would be the cost. There are several different types of materials currently offered, with various initial and long-term expenses to be regarded. If you ask What Are Bathroom Stalls Made Of? the answer will be stainless steel, enamel-painted steel, reinforced composite, high-density polyethylene, phenolic core. 

Stainless Steel 

Due to its clean and elegant look, numerous high-end businesses favor commercial bathroom stalls made out of stainless steel. However, stainless steel is also vulnerable to corrosion and increased costs (both the initial and for its long-term maintenance). Stainless steel stalls are also much more likely to leave stains and fingerprints, making it very hard to keep them clean all the time.


Enamel Painted Steel

This type of bathroom stall material is the cheapest of the examples listed above. This kind of partition is typically used in office buildings and schools because it is cost-efficient. However, the average lifespan of such a type of bathroom stall is exceptionally low because when exposed to water or moisture, it will quickly rust.

Solid Phenolic 

Solid phenolic or black core (often referred to as such because of its color). It is produced of Kraft paper, which has a resin-impregnated base. The black core is quite dense and mainly composed of several layers with are compressed, much like the way fibreglass is manufactured. However, this type of material can be easily scratched.

Solid Color Reinforced Composite or SRC

This type of material for a bathroom stall is most often seen in high-traffic areas like sports arenas, transport hubs, and schools. It is exceptionally durable, the same as black core bathroom stalls, but its real drawback would be its cost. It is much costlier than solid plastic or stainless steel.

High-density polyethylene or HDPE 

This material is made out of solid plastic that is ideally suited to be used for commercial bathroom partitions. This is about an inch thick, and it has a solid color. HDPE is highly resistant to mildew, mold, bacteria, and scratches.

This type of material is also considered environmentally friendly and has no detrimental effect on air quality indoor. It is typically being utilized in schools, hospitals, and restaurants. It is also effortless to maintain, as well.


Choosing the appropriate commercial bathroom stalls can significantly impact the way customers and visitors perceive your business. Although the bathroom seems to be the one place that is often taken for granted by so many when it pertains to business establishments, enhancing its aesthetic appeal by adding partitions can dramatically improve people’s experience.

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