The Pros and Cons a Fiberglass vs Steel Entry Door

Is your door getting rusty, looking battered, or growing mold? If so, it’s is probably time for you to get a new entry door. Perhaps you’ve never had to purchase one before, or it’s been a while since the last time you bought a replacement door. 

Well, the days of wooden doors dominating the market are gone. Now, steel and fiberglass are here, but which one is the better option? Break out that notepad because below are the pros and cons of owning a fiberglass vs. steel entry door: 


Exterior Aesthetic

If you are seeking a door you can customize, fiberglass is your best pick. You can paint it a variety of colors, and even make it look like a wooden door if that it was you prefer. 

Steel doors look nice but aren’t as versatile as fiberglass. They are perfect for those who want a clean and sleek look but aren’t worried so much about their door’s appearance. 


This category is a toss-up, as both types of doors are long-lasting. Their lifespan and your house’s lifespan should be about the same, which is usually around 100 years.

Fiberglass is susceptible to cracks but can withstand harsh climates. With that said, steel is a strong material that doesn’t crack or warp over time. Both are okay options for homeowners. 

The Upkeep

It is easier to fix paint chips and stains on a fiberglass door. All it takes is some mild soap or a power washer set on low. If your fiberglass needs to be refinished, you’re going to need to call in a professional. Overall, though, you’ll find it easier to maintain this material than steel. 

Steel doors don’t require regular cleaning, but it can easily be scratched and dented. If the dent is quite large, it can be hard to fix. 

Furthermore, scratches in steel can lead to rusting, so make sure that this door is primed and well-oiled. Otherwise, repairs can add up and you’ll end up spending close to what you would’ve paid for fiberglass. 

Feeling Secure

Fiberglass is an improvement over wood in terms of security. The one big downside of this material, though, is that it conforms to whatever space it is in. Therefore, its flexibility makes it easier to bust open. 

Steel is a tougher, sturdier material than fibreglass. Therefore, it is a better option when it comes to security. 

The Eco-Friendly Factor

While fiberglass can expand and contract based on outdoor temperatures, steel cannot. Fiberglass will prevent extreme temperatures from seeping into your house, while steel heats up as temperatures rise and freezes as temperatures drop. Thus, making fiberglass more energy-efficient and will, therefore, save you money on electricity.

Cost of Fiberglass vs. Steel Entry Door

Although this is the last category on the list, it is probably your top concern. There is quite a difference in cost between the fiberglass door and the steel door. Fiberglass is more expensive than steel and so is its installation cost.

Yet, both fiberglass and steel doors have lower and higher-quality options. The cost of a higher-quality steel entry door and a lower-quality fiberglass entry door are close to the same. Then, it all comes down to which material you think will serve you better in the long-run

Is There Actually a Better Option? 

Purchasing a replacement door is a long-term investment. Additionally, it can feel like a big deal given the number of times you’ll have to purchase one in your lifetime. While there is no “correct” pick here, hopefully, this fibreglass vs. steel entry door list has made it easier for you to decide which one matches best with your needs and your home. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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