A 5-Step Solar Panel Installation Guide for Homeowners

As of 2020, the solar energy market size stood at $50 billion, projected to reach $200 billion by 2026.

Are you a homeowner looking forward to having a solar panel home installation done? I’m sure you’re probably curious about what goes on during the solar installation process. If that’s the case, this is the article for you.

Read along to learn the solar panel installation guide for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Engineer Site Inspection

Once you’ve signed your solar installation contract, an engineer will come to your home to evaluate your electrical system. The purpose of the visit is to ensure your electrical system is compatible with the solar panel you intend to have installed. The person can either be an employee of the solar installation company or an independent contractor of the company.

The engineer will inspect the condition of your roofing to ensure the structure is solid enough to hold the solar panels. Based on the review of your electrical system, you’ll be advised if you need to upgrade it. This is because the solar panels might need more amps, and you’ll have to upgrade your electric system to increase the ampere capacity.

Getting Permits

Before the solar panel installation happens, there are a few bureaucratic things you need to tick off your list. Although most of these permits are taken care of by the installation company, knowing what goes on behind the scenes wouldn’t hurt. Here are some of the paperwork they will file for you:

● A local electrical installation permit ● Authorization from your local utility for net metering purposes ● Application for solar installation incentives programs

It can take a while before the installation company secures all the necessary paperwork. Applying for a federal incentive program is crucial, as it reduces your solar panel installation cost.

Ordering the Equipment

Once all the necessary paperwork and documentation are in place, it’s time to order your equipment. Remember, choosing the solar panels you want to install occurs even before signing the contract. Ensure you have done adequate research on the different types of residential solar panels before you choose one.

The company will order your equipment and add you to their installation schedule. Once the equipment arrives, the installation company team will come to install your solar panels.

Installation Phase

The solar installation team will come in and do the wiring that will connect the solar panel to your entire electrical power system. They’ll then install a racking to support the panels. Once the panels are set, inverters will be connected to convert the direct current to alternating current.

System Approval and Interconnection

Once the panels get installed, you’ll need “permission to operate” from your municipal government rep. A representative will come from your local utility company to connect you to the electrical grid.

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Expedite the Solar Panel Installation Process by Hiring the Right Experts 

If you intend to install solar panels in your home, you’ll undergo the above five steps. The above pointers are a clear description of the solar panel installation process.

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