7 of the Best Features in a Luxury Condo

Not all condos are created equal. When it comes to luxury condos, not everyone might agree on which amenities are the best ones. Some amenities are enjoyable, but they are not necessary. Other amenities are essential, even though they may not be obvious to you right away.

If you are in the process of buying a condo, you will work with a real estate professional to help you find the perfect unit. As a prospective condo buyer, you probably already have a few ideas of what luxury means to you. There might be several amenities and features that you absolutely want your future home to have.

If you don’t know much about luxury condos, get some inspiration from this list of the best features in a luxury condo.

1. A floor plan that allows you to lead a fulfilling life

Your luxury condo should have a floor plan that makes you feel comfortable in your new home. If having a home office to work or study in is important to you, you should settle for no less than a luxury condo with a comfortable and spacious office room. If entertaining friends and family is also something you enjoy doing, your condo should feature an open-plan kitchen and a welcoming living room

A layout that meets your needs and allows for plenty of storage space is crucial in a luxury condo. Consult with a real estate expert like Cameron Miller to help you find the ideal floor plan for your luxury condo.

2. Opulent amenities and common areas

Many luxury condo buyers prefer high-rise buildings, as they often feature more opulent amenities. Are you dreaming of swimming in a rooftop pool, before enjoying a delicious meal with your friends on the terrace? This dream could come true when you buy your luxury condo.

Think about private parking lots, a gym, a health club, a spa, a massage parlor, a game room, and other convenient common areas. Some luxury buildings also feature outside amenities such as gardens, parks and running trails. Plus, they include many commercial spaces for the convenience of condo owners.

3. High-quality appliances and fixtures 

Luxury condos, especially those that were built recently, feature high-quality appliances and fixtures that are sure to be a true delight for your eyes. Think stainless steel kitchen appliances, walk-in closets, marble floors, granite countertops, massage bathtubs, and marble shower walls. There are other high-end features that could make you feel like you are living in a five-star hotel room.


Any luxurious amenities you can think of could become a part of your daily life when you become the proud owner of a luxury condo. A real estate expert will be able to help you find a condo that has the appliances and features you are dreaming of.

4. Eco-friendly features

If eco-friendly features are a necessity to you, look for a luxury condo that features Energy Star certified appliances, low-flow water fixtures, and LED lightbulbs. Luxury condos can feature energy-efficient appliances that will allow you to save money in the long run, while having less of a negative impact on the environment. 

Luxury condos can also be built with sustainable, locally sourced materials, and even decorated with eco-friendly materials. Living in luxury can be done while respecting the environment, which makes eco-friendly condos even more appealing.

5. A professional condo management team

Every luxury condo complex needs a professional condo management team. A condo management team should be in place to take care of safety and security, respond to complaints, and collect common expense fees. This team also maintains the property and ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible for condo unit owners.

When your condo building is managed by a team of professionals, you can keep your peace of mind knowing that whenever you have an issue or a specific demand, someone will be there to help you and assist you. This is a feature that can be easy to overlook, but it really makes a positive difference in the lifestyle of luxury condo owners.

6. A great location

Luxury condos are usually located in the most exciting, dynamic and vibrant parts of a city. When you choose a luxury condo, you also choose a neighbourhood. You can therefore choose to live near great shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, schools, parks, or transportation services.

It’s also possible to choose a luxury condo based on how close it is to your workplace. This way, you will be able to truly enjoy your life instead of wasting precious time with a long, daily commute.

7. A wonderful view of the city

Finally, high-rise condo towers offer a wonderful view of the city, which is something that many condo buyers love, and seek. Imagine yourself in your new luxury condo, looking out the window, and seeing the sun set on the horizon while the lights of the city slowly come to life before your eyes. You can relive this magical moment time and time again, as you enjoy the other wonderful amenities your condo has to offer.

Which ones of the features presented on this list are the most appealing to you?

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