7 Floor-friendly Moving Tips: Move Out Without Damaging Your Floors

Moving activities can easily damage floors. This is the case regardless if you have carpeted, tiled, or wooden flooring. You can’t simply drag your furniture around. 

Spending money on repairing scratched or damaged floors is not the way to go. No one wants that. 


Thankfully, moving without damaging your floor (or your walls) is possible. It’s even easy if you know the right strategies. You’re in luck because you’d know all the right strategies and techniques because we’d enlist them all in this moving guide. For a safe, damage-free, and floor-friendly moving experience, just observe the following expert tips:

Tip #1: Ask for Help.

Yes, you need to ask for help. Try to do things that you can execute on your own but be realistic when it comes to matters where you’d need extra hands. Case in point, have people help you when it’s time to move your furniture. Choosing to do it alone is risking so much. Not only will you end up damaging your floors and your walls, but you may also end up spraining your shoulders and your back. You may even be injured if you’re not used to heavy lifting. Ask friends and family members to help. If no one is available, enlist a moving company that offers packing services. Furniture removals in Perth offer numerous options for packing services.

Tip #2: Disassemble Your Furniture.

Moving your furniture as-is should never be an option. You should never do that. You should always aim to take everything apart first. You will be surprised at how easy it will make moving for you. You will admittedly need to dedicate more time, but we promise you that it will make your life easier. Have a toolbox ready if you have furniture that will require screwed parts to be removed. The following should be disassembled carefully:

  • your bed frame
  • your headboard
  • your mattress
  • your cushions from your couch
  • your drawers in your dresser

Tip #3: Use Moving Blankets.

You should look for professional moving blankets if you want your flooring to truly be free from any kind of damage. Moving blankets will greatly help because they are padded and can be used to protect and wrap furniture during moving. This is ideal because you can have your furniture pushed and pulled in different locations without worrying about your floor. Moving blankets will also prevent damages to corners and walls. If you can’t find moving blankets locally and ordering online will take much time, you can use thick towels or cardboards as alternatives. 

Tip #4: Remove Everything Off the Floor.

Your floor should be free of any form of clutter during your move. Ensure that you remove rugs, carpets, knick-knacks, potpourris, baskets, and miscellaneous items. You should do this because:

– You’d want to be sure that everyone is safe at all times and free from any tripping accidents. You don’t want to move heavy furniture around with stuff on the floor. It will be very dangerous.

– You don’t want to bump over things while moving heavy furniture.

– You don’t want to have your furniture scratched by random items during the move.

For your floor’s sake and your safety’s sake, it’s best that you clear the floor first before doing any kind of moving. 

Tip #5: Consider Renting a Dolly.

A dolly will be a great help if you’d be moving plenty of heavy furniture. It will be a good option for you if you don’t have steps to deal with. You need not sweat when it comes to looking for one as all moving companies offer dolly rental services. If you’ve already booked an appointment with a mover, then you simply need to contact them and request a dolly as an add-on. If you feel like you’d be needing to use a dolly frequently, then you could choose to buy one. A dolly will be an ideal investment if you’re into gardening and hobbies that require ease in mobility. 

Tip #6: Invest in Furniture Gliders or Sliders.

Furniture gliders will be your new best friend. You should use them once you’re done wrapping your furniture with moving blankets. Sliders can be bought online. They are specialized pads that perfectly fit under furniture legs. When placed, you can easily move all your furniture without having to worry if you’d scratch or damage your flooring. You’d love how sliders will make it easy to move dressers, couches, heavy appliances, and tables. Sliders are made of rubber, felt, or plastic. 

Tip #7: Move Slowly and Intelligently. 

Slowly but surely is always the way to go. Apart from your flooring, you should always prioritize your safety. Moving is not something that can be done without advanced planning and scheduling. Feel free to take all the time you need to research everything. Google proper lifting techniques if you’re completely clueless about it. You need to know that there’s always a proper way of doing things. You can’t just lift things casually. That may just end up causing you injuries. You should always remember that no heavy object should be lifted above shoulder level. If you didn’t know this before, then this means that you need to read more on the matter. Please feel free to make use of free internet tutorials that are easily accessible. 

Preparing does not end once you’ve placed moving blankets and gliders. You should actively monitor your furniture as you move. You can only do this by moving slowly and carefully. You should still be extra careful in avoiding scratches even if your furniture is fully wrapped and protected. You’re not in a race. Do everything mindfully. 

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