5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Owning a house is an emotional experience and the best financial decision you can ever make. The rate at which a property value increases depend on several factors. These may include where your property is situated, local demands for homes, and the general economy.

But as a homeowner, you may as well impact the value of your home by making some changes and upgrades. Whether you have plans to sell your home in the future or just want to add its value, the following are ways to boost the value of any residential property:

1. Consider Yard Lighting and Landscaping

Buyers appreciate attractively landscaped yards, and it won’t cost you a lot to fix yours when you have enough space for it. A yard of a household is regarded as an indicator of the amount of effort given to a property.

Investing in rocks, ground cover, mulch, trees, shrubs, and new soil will help a lot to transform your household’s property by making it look inviting and fresh.

2. Update the Front Door

No one would have thought that a simple thing, such as updating the front door of their homes, could have a say when it comes to their property’s value. The best thing about this project is that it is one of the least expensive renovations.

It has been proven that glass doors repair can help to recover the cost of replacement by doubling the resale value of a home.

Front doors serve as the focal point of any home. And updating it through repairs can offer your door a sleek appearance and boost your home’s curb appeal.

3. Install Heating and Gas Appliances

Gas appliances are among the favorite home features for several reasons, not to mention that they are very efficient. A gas heater, in particular, gives the comfort and warmth of a wood heater without damaging the environment.

Installing a gas oven and cooktop will add value to your kitchen and is normally one of the preferred ways to provide your home with instant heat and temperature when compared to electric appliances.

4. Make Your Home Bigger

Square footage has a great impact on a home’s value. Cost per square footage is among the things that help potential buyers compare homes with similar upgrades and styles.

Bigger houses normally command a higher value, and buyers are likely to notice even when appraisers don’t acknowledge the value of an added square footage.

Adding another room is one of the obvious ways to make a home bigger. Though you may as well create additional space by building a deck or finishing your basement.

5. Convert the Cellar

If you are able to handle bigger projects, you may consider converting the cellar into a living room or storage space.

This project may not require planning permission because it qualifies as the ‘change of use for a planning purpose and is covered by permitted development rights of your home.

Concluding Thoughts!

There are numerous ways to add value to a home. Whether or not you plan to sell your home, converting the cellar, updating your front door, and installing gas/heating appliances will always go a long way to add value to a residential property.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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