4 Things Your Home Needs When You Have Kids

Whether you’re looking to buy a home that’s already built, or you’re looking to build a home yourself, it’s important that it has the right features. The right features are especially important when it comes to kids.

Kids are much easier to live with when you have a home that is built for some of the challenges that come along with little ones being around. Not only will you feel safer, but you’ll feel much more comfortable overall. Take a look at some of the most important things that your home should have once you have kids.

A Laundry Room

When you have children, your laundry loads will increase significantly. You can forget about the days in your 20’s when you could do laundry once a week. As a parent, you’ll be doing laundry at least once every day, and if you don’t, you’ll find yourself swamped in piles of full laundry baskets.

A laundry room is an essential part of making sure you have everywhere to store your laundry gear. From washing machines to dryers to baskets to cleaning supplies, your laundry room is an essential part of running a house home with children.


It’s no secret that children accumulate plenty of things as the years go on. The more children you have, the more stuff your house will start to collect. if you have multiple children, you may want to save clothing to pass on to the next youngest child. You also need places to put all of their toys, clothing, and other belongings. Storage is an essential part of making sure you have somewhere to put it all. From closets to cabinets to drawers, storage is a must with little ones in the house.

Gated Stairs


One of the leading causes of child injuries is stairs. It’s important that any stairs in your home are already gated off or could be gated off. Open staircases may be gorgeous for single couples with no kids; but, when you have children, the last thing you want is someone falling off the stairs and seriously injuring themselves. Save yourself the trouble and make sure that any stairways are child safe.


Even though you might like to think that your children will play in their bedroom, you’ll find that combining the play area with their sleeping area can get difficult. They may be tempted to climb out of their beds and play when it’s time for sleep.

A playroom is the best way to separate their sleeping space from their play space. The best thing about a playroom is that once the children are older, you can convert the playroom into anything you want. Whether you need an extra guest bedroom or more office space, you have an extra room to work with!

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