Tips to Decorate Your bedroom Properly

Your bedroom is the most special and private space in your home. Only limited guests and few friends we allow to go into the bedroom. But still, your personal space deserves some attention. Because this is the room where you spend time relaxing, reading, and recharging yourself.  

Hence, this is very important for you to decorate your bedroom properly. Decorate your bedroom perfectly to reflect your personality and nature. Unlike the rest of the house, the bedroom gives you some opportunity to put your style on a full show. 

To decorate your bedroom properly, here we are giving you some tips. Check out these inspiring tips to transform your bedroom into your happy place.

Keep space for movement

If you want to decorate your bedroom then always keep in mind one thing that makes sure you can move in your bedroom easily. Because this is the best way to give your bedroom a restful and relaxing vibe. If you cannot move easily in your bedroom you can hurt while walking in the room. 

Try to avoid extra furniture in your bedroom so that you will not fall over side tables or bookcases. This is very important to leave some space for breath. But if you have small space then you can consider some extra storage space, like drawers underneath your bed or a small sitting bench. There you can keep your extra stuff.

Choose colors wisely

To decorate your bedroom, you should choose a color scheme accordingly to the furniture of your bedroom or your personality. But the bedroom is a comfortable area for you, and the best color schemes are neutral colors like white and cream or any light color palette. 

That does not mean that your bedroom should be boring, if you like bold colors then you can add them as well to decorate your bedroom. You can take bold throw pillows, comforter, side lamps, a bedspread, a beautiful and colorful rug, anything. 

And even you can highlight one wall of your bedroom with the wallpaper or in bold paint color. 

Focus on lighting

Your bedroom is a place for relaxing so do not try to jug-mug that place. You don’t need a chandelier to layer your lighting. Including many lighting in your bedroom, you can toggle on and off for maximum functionality. 

Instead of too many lights, think about some different light sources which you can use to decorate your bedroom. You can keep floor lamps, reading lights, pendant lights, dimmers, bedside lamps, or you can use some natural light by placing a window in your bedroom. 


Cozy corner

A bedroom is a special place for you in your home. There must be a special or cozy corner where you can relax. If you have a space in your bedroom then make a private nook in your bedroom for yourself. It can be a window seat, a comfortable chair with a footstool, a loft, a rocking chair, or anything which you like. 

Keep anything to tuck yourself up for some private time in your private nook. 

Do not ignore the ceiling of your bedroom

To decorate the bedroom, you cannot avoid the ceiling. Because the ceiling is the fifth wall of your bedroom, so when you lie down on your bed, you see that wall. Hence it must be beautiful also, it can’t be a bland, or blank space. 

You can add soft paint colors or some pattern on the ceiling. But remember one thing that paints the ceiling in a slightly lighter version of the wall color. It will give a feeling of comfort and intimacy in your bedroom.

Choose the right size of furniture

When you buy bedroom furniture, measure the floor area of your bedroom. Furniture should fit in that corner where you want to keep that. Do not go without measurement, because it can be oversized and can create trouble for you. 

Don’t choose a large and too heavy bed for a small bedroom. You can keep a chair or ottoman at the end of the bed if there is space. 

Cover the windows

To decorate your bedroom properly, you can not leave your bedroom’s window. A beautifully dressed window will help you to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. You can choose soft sheer curtains that filter light, or you can go with roller blinds. Blinds can be pull down to maintain the privacy of your bedroom.

In the last, we suggest you that let your bedroom be a real getaway, do not overdress that. 

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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