16 Most Popular Home Décor Accessories

Creating a stylish living space is easy with the right home decor accessories. You just balance the relationship between the décor, the furniture, and the shape and size of a room. If you spend time considering the visual design, you can make many different home décor accessories look good together.

The most popular home décor accessories aren’t just trendy. They exhibit many of the same characteristics classic décor have – comfort, warmth, and a visual theme. What’s popular in modern home décor relies heavily on neutral colors, minimalism, and fun. They’re clever, versatile, and easy to match with other stylish items.

If you’re planning a home décor upgrade, there are many options to decorate any foyer, hallway, or room in your house. Check out these popular décor accessories to use in your home:

1. Signs

Home décor signs are the ultimate way to deliver a clear message within the context of your chosen aesthetics. Find a phrase, a quote, or a philosophy that speaks to you. Signs come in various fonts and looks, ranging from weathered signage to trendy, modern, and slick appearances.

2. Symbols

Along with signs displaying a worded message, symbols are also popular home décor. For a decorator, this might be a sports team’s logo, the symbol for their favorite superhero, their favorite band or musician, or something else. Lots of decors are based around meaning. If you aren’t sure where to start shopping for home décor, create a list of what carries meaning to you and the symbols attached with that.

3. Soap Dish

Your soap dish or soap pump polishes up your bathroom décor with a functional and decorative item. Choose from modern minimalism to vintage. A crisply designed storage area to put your soap is a low-cost way to upgrade and remodel your bathroom.


4. Books

Books are a trendy home décor accessory because they are such a diverse category. Choose between fiction, biographies, photography books, healthy eating guides, and fashion magazines. A bookshelf set with bookends provides a natural way to put some of your interests on display.

5. Pens

So much of the world has gone digital, and yet we all inevitably need a pen for something. A premium pen with a gemstone will add a touch of class to your home décor. It can be the perfect accent for a work-from-home office, kitchen countertop, or living room.

6. Area Rug

A typical home décor mistake is to stick with minimalism so heavily that it looks boring. Choose a rug to pull in bright, bold color into your home décor without taking up more space than is necessary. Experiment with premium linen and wool rugs that are colored, patterned, or textured. Spread them on your floor and let them set the tone for the room.

7. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are popular as a home décor tool, known for their adaptability. Beautifully designed wall hooks can be affixed near the front door, in closets, or in offices. You can put them anywhere to hang your belongings, like car keys, coat, or plant.


8. Pillows

No one is stopping you from going all-out minimalist with your home décor. Some homes are so slick and straightforward that the amount of décor they use is nearly nothing. Aside from furniture, pillows are a décor item that even the most basic of rooms can use. Choose a cozy color, following the color palette you’re already using.

9. Essential Oils

An essential oil diffuser, scented candle, or an essential oil room spray are all popular décor in bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. They also work to cover smells, and that is why they’re sought-after for bathrooms. By manipulating the scent in a room, you can make it feel fresh, improve focus, and aid in relaxation. 

10. Geometric Shapes

Shapes, patterns, and textures are increasingly relied upon to create intrigue without conflicting with colors or clutter. Geometric shapes break up the monotony and give an edge to space. In this age of DIY-style arts and crafts, you can also create art paper, paint, wood, or metal. Or choose to use existing items to create patterns and make this one piece of popular home décor an inexpensive investment.

11. Patterned Wallpaper

If you want to create an eye-catching statement home décor piece, try patterned wallpaper. Any flat décor flush with your wall takes up no space and makes an impact. In modern home décor, it’s best to do this only with one wall. Let this be your singular ‘statement wall’.


12. Lanterns

Lanterns are luxurious, romantic and provide beautiful soft glows in light come evening. Ambience never looked so good with this popular home décor accessory. Lanterns are made in various materials, styles, sizes, and designs. They are perfect for adding to the vibe of any bedroom or dining room.

13. Planters

Cute, quirky ceramic or more rustic wood planters are nature-inspired and polished for indoors. Combine a suitable planter with the ideal plant, and you have a popular design trend unlikely to go out of fashion.

14. Mid-Century Minimalist Lamps

More of us are working from home. An exquisite mid-century minimalist lamp is the perfect office lighting choice. You won’t want to get too adventurous with the design in your work-from-home setup. A clean, single-color lamp delivers everything you need to

15. Animal Figurines

We all have a favorite animal. A cohesive home décor setup relies on using aspects of your personality and incorporating this into what’s around you. High-quality animal figurines are welcoming, beautiful in design, and chic.

16. Window Décor

The best décor choice depends on the aesthetic you want going on inside. From curtains and shutters to shades and drapes, you can get very basic with how you cover your windows. The most popular window décor is minimalist and modern. That said, you can also choose trendy patterns, abstract art, or more colorful window curtains.

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