Bathroom Home Improvement Remodeling Ideas

Most bathrooms are outdated and reflect trends of the ’40s or ’50s. These bathrooms feature baby blue, cool pink, and vintage light green color schemes.

While these colors are nice, we’re almost a decade past these trends. It’s time to redesign your bathroom to keep up with the times.

Here are some bathroom home improvement projects to consider to revamp the look of your bathroom.

Redo the Tub

A dingy, old bathtub can make your bathroom feel less clean than it is. After all, it is the place where you go to scrub away the sweat and dirtiness of the day. 

There are two options to redo your bathroom tub.

  1. Tear it out and replace it with a new one
  2. Refinish or reglaze your existing tub

The first option is best for those who are not concerned with home improvement projects on a budget. The second option is an affordable way to restore your existing tub and make it look brand new.

You can try to reglaze the tub on your own, but it would be better to hire out a professional company to take care of it. The tub takes up a big portion of your bathroom, and you don’t want to end up with the results of a beginner’s shoddy job.

Check the Drainage System

While you’re in the middle of taking on all these bathroom home improvement projects, this is the perfect time to check the drainage and pipes system in your bathroom. Since you’re stripping the bathroom to its bare bones, you might as well look at the internal pipes.

If you’re considering changing the layout of the pipe system or you’ve found damage in the pipes, call up your local home improvement contractors to take a look.

If you’re in the Houston, Texas area or in neighborhoods surrounding it, give Texas Water Baron a call for drainage repair and experienced sprinkler repair services

Choose a Vanity Countertop

Your bathroom vanity countertop is one of the larger pieces of furniture in the room, next in line to the tub and shower. It is a statement piece and an opportunity for you to showcase your personal style.

This single piece of furniture can transform home improvements by its mere presence in the room, so choose one wisely. Consider material, color, and size appropriate for your bathroom.


The vanity countertop provides a surface for a range of scenarios from daily shaving to the occasional DIY hair dye sessions. This surface should be able to handle it all.

The best materials for your bathroom vanity countertop include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Laminate
  • Marble

You want something that can handle moisture, cosmetics, and harsh chemicals. This material should be easy to clean and therefore low-maintenance.

Even if it looks good, if it isn’t easy to clean, it’s probably not a suitable material for your vanity countertop. 

Replace Flooring

Your bathroom flooring is important in displaying the feel of the room. When considering flooring for your bathroom home improvement projects, you must choose materials that are well-suited for the environment of your bathroom.

The floor of your bathroom may get wet from after showers, use of the sink, or (God forbid) flooding.

The worst materials to line your bathroom floor with include hardwood floors and carpet.

Some of the best and most common materials for your bathroom floor are:

  • Porcelain or ceramic
  • Vinyl
  • Stone

Also, consider the color of your flooring. A lighter color for your flooring, such as white, can open up the room and make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Flooring can either match or contrast the walls of the room depending on the feel you’re going for.

Which Bathroom Home Improvement Project Will You Try?

Your bathroom is the one place in your home besides your bedroom where heavy self-care takes place. If you don’t feel clean in your bathroom, how can you feel good?

Hopefully, you found some inspiration in this article for your own bathroom home improvements. Let us know what project you’ll be taking on next!

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