13 Gorgeous Bathroom Décor Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

It is very easy to design a clean and neat bathroom in your home. However, in reality, toothbrushes, towels, soaps, and other utilities cover your bathroom space. But it does not need to be like this. The bathroom is one of the important parts of every home. So, it would be best to create a beautiful and eye-catching bathing space.

Whether you want to sell your home, impress guests or enjoy a well-decorated space, decorate a bathroom to enhance the home’s value. The following are some ways to accomplish this:

Remove the Non-Essentials

Removing unnecessary items from your collection of toiletries and beauty products is essential in making a bathroom look stylish. Toss the products in the bin that you don’t use. Or get rid of free samples you collected from the mall but never used. Keeping it in your bathroom will not help anyone; instead, it will occupy enough bathroom space. Also, keep the items you rarely use in the cabinets or cupboards with free space.

Soften the Bathroom Look with Artwork

Bathroom walls look dull without accessories. So, decorate it using interesting bathroom art pieces like beautiful beach wall paintings or art. Framed beach paintings can transform your bathroom space into an eye-catching one. So, strategically hang the framed artwork in the bathroom to make it look extravagant.

You can also create a Gallery Wall. The bathroom is all about serenity. So, hang four to five nautical or botanical pictures in the bathroom. Do not use much larger or more than five pieces; otherwise, your space will look cluttered.

Allow Sunlight to Pour into Bathroom to Create Depth

Making room for sunlight is a simple way to decorate the bathroom and open up a small space. So, make sure there are windows in the bathroom. Then, open them when not in use. It will also make the bathroom space airy. While using the bathroom, you all need privacy. So, install curtains to cover the windows and move them to the side after using the bathroom.

Choose the Right Colors

Bathrooms are usually the smallest spaces of a home. However, you can make a small bathroom space look more prominent with clever décor ideas. For instance, keep the bathroom color theme consistent throughout.

If possible, paint bathroom walls with a light or neutral color. It will make the bathroom look appear more spacious. Since small bathroom spaces look perfect with less contrast, select fittings and fixtures of color as your walls.

Draft a Proper Floor Plan

Evaluate how your bathroom space looks now and how it will look trendy and functional. For instance, two sinks are the wrong choice if you don’t have much counter space for toiletries and make-up. So, rearrange the bathroom layout to make it look attractive and functional at the same time.

For example, try to accommodate a bathtub where there were two sinks previously. Or, move a shower to the corner, leaving enough space for a single sink and so on. Experiment with a floor plan to attain the best one.

Living Moss Wall Tiles

Add a surprise element to your small bathroom by decorating bathroom walls with live moss wall tiles. The squares covered in eye-catching green plants will make a bathroom look bright and colorful.

Add Indoor Plants


Adding potted plants or hanging houseplants is a great way to decorate and brighten up the bathroom space. They bring freshness and purify the bathroom air. You can either add a pop of greenery or design your personal rainforest oasis. Make sure to choose low-maintenance plants that can withstand humidity and minimize the extra effort. Succulents such as Aloe Vera are ideal options for these environments.

Install Floating Shelves for Design and Storage

You don’t have much space to design in small bathrooms. So, choose floating shelves to fill the narrow areas. Since these shelves don’t have to sit on the bathroom floor,  you don’t need to worry about searching for space. Instead, install them on the wall above the toilet tank. Once you add these shelves to the bathroom, you can store bathroom essentials or fill these shelves with décor items.

Select Lighting Fixtures That Stand Out


It would be best not to overlook bathroom lighting. It creates a huge impact on the bathroom look and ambiance. So, assess the lighting at the bathroom design planning stage to maximize the opportunities. You need to add two types of lighting fixtures during bathroom décor.

First, install a shadow-free task lighting fixture for various functional tasks like applying make-up or shaving. Second, add ambient lighting to enjoy the time in the bathtub by simply soaking.

Hang Shower Curtains

The easiest way to add color, texture and change the bathroom appearance is to hang a shower curtain. Find a shower curtain that suits every style or scheme, ranging from natural to synthetic materials. They also feature patterns and prints and serve as eye-catching art pieces.

Install a Stylish Toilet Paper Holder

Add functional and stylish accessories like a toilet paper shelf in your bathroom. It can work as a lifesaver, especially for smaller spaces. Use it with farmhouse, rustic, classic or industrial style décor to have a huge impact. You can use it to hang toilet paper rolls and place other items like soap, a potted plant, or sanitizer on its shelf.

Hang Large Mirrors


Mirrors play in favor of the area. If we hang them smartly, they will add a sense of spaciousness. Therefore, they are one of the best bathroom décor ideas. It would be best to set a mirror above the sink. It will serve as a functional and décor element. If there is a window in your bathroom, hang a mirror opposite it. The natural will multiply when it falls on the mirror.

Bring in Color with Flowers

Flowers are the best and simplest way to brighten up any space, and your bathroom is one of them. So, add fresh flowers to the simple vase and place it in the corner, on a floating shelf, or bathroom vanity. They are an affordable and quick way to add freshness and vibrancy to the bathroom area.


Bathrooms are the smallest spaces of a house, as the make-up rooms. Yet with minor renovations, you can change the whole view. So, proper bathroom remodeling is essential to avoid extra costs during the makeover. However, remodeling is an exciting and wonderful experience only when the renovation looks right. 

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