Wood vs Steel Garage Doors: Which Should You Choose?

Nearly two-thirds of all American homes have a garage. Your property has one — and it’s time for an update.

As you peruse your options, though, you’ve realized that most of them fall into two categories. On the one hand, you could go with a wooden garage door. On the other, you might want to mix things up and choose a steel one.

What are the pros and cons of each option? We’ve got you covered — here’s everything you need to know in the wood vs steel garage doors debate.

Wood Vs Steel Garage Doors: Which Should I Choose? 

We can’t tell you which kind of garage door will work best for you. However, you can visit here to compare different garage door styles and types and decide for yourself. Nonetheless, here’s a brief about both, wood and steel garage doors.”

Wood Garage Doors

Firstly, let’s go over the good and bad of a wooden garage door. The biggest perk of picking this natural material is that it looks elegant and timeless. The traditional, classic quality can elevate the entire facade of your home — shop here to see what they look like and what they can do.

Wood lasts a long time, too. And small scratches and scuffs won’t affect the look of your doors. Instead, those imperfections will add even more character.

On that note, though, there are some cons to a wooden door. For starters, they require more maintenance than steel ones. You will have to repaint or stain your wooden garage door every few years to keep it looking its best.

This natural material isn’t a great insulator, so your garage might feel colder with a wooden door in place. And a wooden garage door costs more than its steel counterpart, for example.

Steel Garage Doors

That’s the perfect segue into steel garage doors. What’s good and bad about this option?

For starters, steel provides insulation for your garage. They’re also quieter than moving wooden doors, and you’re likely to find your garage easier to operate with steel panels in place, as well.

Next, steel costs less than wood, and it’s easier to maintain. You won’t have to repaint your steel doors — they’ll stand strong against the elements for decades.

Finally, steel costs less than wood — in some cases, significantly less. But if you dent or damage your steel door, you’re in trouble. Many won’t bounce back when they have a big blemish like this.

So, What Do I Pick? 

Unfortunately, no one can settle the wood vs steel garage doors debate except for you. Which one fits your budget, and which one will look best on your home? Only you can decide. 

Once you do, though, get ready for your new garage door to completely revamp the curb appeal of your abode. Who knew a garage door could make such a big change? You’ll find out soon enough. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with us for more home improvement tips and tricks.

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