On a cold winter morning, imagine sitting in a room with no heat, hands going cold, unable to wake up to be productive. Now picture this instead, on the same cold winter morning, sitting by freestanding wood heaters and a hot cup of morning tea to get started on the right foot. Which sounds more appealing? The latter, of course, shows how vital the right temperature and warmth are for our bodies to get up and function like a normal human being. The beautiful crackle of the burning wood and the heat from the fire make the home very cozy and comfortable and adds a very sophisticated and modern look to the house.

Freestanding wood heaters are the new buzz in town, as they are the best alternatives for homes that do not come with an inbuilt fireplace. It is the best option for people who live in cold places in homes that do not have a fireplace. These freestanding wood heaters have the following advantages:

  • The perfect insert in a cozy corner: These heaters are super convenient to install, especially in small spaces or tiny homes. Usually, smaller abodes do not come with pre-built fireplaces as they typically take up quite the area. However, the heaters can fit in small spaces because they are available in compact sizes. It adds to the room’s aesthetic and helps keep the room warm and comfortable.
  • Cost-saving: If an individual is planning to build a home, and it lies in a region that faces harsh winters and remains cold throughout the year, they might consider building a fireplace during the home construction, but this addition to the plan does not come cheap. The easier and less expensive alternative is to invest in freestanding wood heaters with a reasonable warranty period, lifespan, and a wide variety of designs to choose from. They do not need any additional support, as the name suggests.
  • Efficiency at its best: Using a simple yet elegant woodfire burner is going to cost the consumer less compared to an electric heater, especially if they reside in a very cold place. They are efficient to use in case of a power outage as they require only wood to operate, hence saving time and electric bills.

Design and Types:

These cute and convenient heaters come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. Today many designers are coming up with exciting designs. Given below are four all-time favourites by customers:

1. The traditional design: Many companies design models of heaters that mimic the rustic traditional stone fireplace look for people who cannot afford to build an actual one in their homes. Hence, they make the best alternative for conventional fireplaces.

2. Classy design: Most modern homes nowadays prefer to have wooden scaffoldings, doors, beams, with a classy finish adding that subtle touch of elegance and nature all in one. Such homeowners choose heaters that also have a nice wooden finish.

3. Going Old School: Owning a heater that is old school and gives the ’90s vibes and is not dependent on electricity is pretty cool. These heaters can be used in areas with electricity problems. If it gets too cold too quickly, these heaters will help keep the entire room warm for a longer duration.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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