Why You Should Consider Metal Carpet Trim When Remodeling

Are you remodeling? Do you have carpet in one room and another flooring next to it? If you need to transition between two different types of flooring in your remodel you will need some kind of trim.

Carpet trim is needed to hold the edge of the carpet in place and seamlessly join it to the hardwood or tile next to it. We think metal is one of the best materials for carpet trim.

To help you know which type of trim to use and why, here’s a handy guide. Read on to learn about metal carpet trim and its benefits.

Why Should You Use Carpet Trim?

If you are remodeling your home and you have rooms with carpet in them, you will need a carpet trim. Carpet trim finishes the edge of the laid carpet. It stops it from fraying in doorways or walkways.

Carpet trim also acts as a way of leveling the difference between the thickness of the carpet and the next floor surface. The right kind of carpet trim will provide a seamless and smooth transition.

Carpet to floor trim is especially important if the transition between carpet and other flooring occurs in the middle of an open space. If your carpet is in your living room, for example, and that flows straight into the kitchen, carpet trim will ensure no one trips over the edge.

What Types of Carpet Trim Are There?

Despite the extent of carpet trim varieties, the most important aspect is the functionality of the carpet edge trim. You need the right grip on the carpet trim to ensure that it holds the carpet and the next floor together.

Metal carpet trim comes in various colors and finishes. Choose from brass, gold, bronze, white, black, and many more. Pick the one that suits the two floorings best so that it doesn’t stand out.

When trying to pick the right metal carpet trim, you’ll need to measure the transition and gaps in height. You’ll then need to find a supplier that has the style of transition trim you need.

Here is a great list of carpet edging metal trim options. Check it out.


Why Is Metal Carpet Trim Better Than Other Options?

Metal carpet trim is better than plastic, wood, or composite because it lasts longer. It is durable, won’t scratch easily, and forms a tight bond between the carpet and the next floor surface.

Metal carpet trim is also superior because of the wide variety of options you have. As noted, there are many colors and styles of metal trim, so you will always be able to find an option that works for you.

Metal carpet trim is also easy to work with. A regular metal cutting hand tool will let you cut the trim to the length you need. 

Choose Metal Carpet Trim for Your Next Project

If you have a home project that requires a carpet-to-other-floor transition, you will need some kind of edging or carpet trim. If you don’t use carpet edging trim, your carpet will fray and wear.

Choose a metal carpet trim for this kind of project. Metal carpet trims are functional, attractive, and come in various finishes. 

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