Whiteboard: All you need to know with Images

The time of old looking blackboards is over and many people tend to opt for a whiteboard. A whiteboard is also known as pen-board, marker-board, wipe-board etc. One thing which I can say that if you pick the right whiteboard then it will look stunning and it can increase the look and appeal of the room in a significant way. There are several types of whiteboards available in the market, you can buy one or if you wish you can DIY whiteboards in your home with some easy equipment, which are easily available.

Why It is So Useful?

It is a very useful element and you should have one for your home, school, any educational institute or office. In-home it will allow you to write any important daily task, Allows the kids to learn. It is really helpful in the kid’s learning. In-office a white board will allow you to elaborate on your project or plan in front of your team. In-office you can write down your office work of the day to get everything done.


Let’s first discuss about blackboard vs whiteboard:

The obvious difference is that the background color of the blackboard is black and the whiteboard is white in color. Blackboard is a kind of old and it is a new trend and a kind of modern element. To write on a blackboard we use chalks while to write on the White surface of the board we use a whiteboard marker pen. To write on a white board we need to have a whiteboard marker pen. We can easily remove the marker pen writing with the help of a duster.

Marker pen and Duster For Writing on Whiteboards

Here in this post we will discuss several types of whiteboards with respective images so that you can get a clear idea on this topic.

Whiteboard with stand:


This is a common kind of board. It is used widely in the classrooms, office, and even in homes. A whiteboard stand is generally made of lightweight metal or wood. These kinds of whiteboards look good if you can place it in the right place of a room. Check these images to get a clear idea about the whiteboard with stand. You can easily carry it from one place to another. There are several types of whiteboard stand available in the online shopping platforms. So you can easily buy them or even DIY one for you.

The white Board with stand

Magnetic whiteboard:

It is a kind of board with magnets. It can quickly stick with an iron or a wall where you can place another magnet. A magnetic white board is easy to use and easy to replace. It is also convenient to take it from one place to another.

Small whiteboard:

Small whiteboard

Some people do not prefer to have a big white board in the room. So a small whiteboard will get the job done for you. It will not take a big place and you can easily set it aside one its purpose served. You can easily make one if you wish.

Whiteboard wall sticker:


It is an alternative solution to heavy white boards. There are several types of whiteboard wall stokers are available in the market. It is very easy to use. You can buy it and apply it on a smooth wall. These wallpapers have glue and it will easily stick in the wall. Just apply it and start using it. Is not it convenient? If you are looking for a whiteboard for a home you can go for white board wall stickers.

Whiteboard ideas for bedroom:


There are several options available for the bedroom. If you need 1 you can go for a whiteboard wall sticker. You can simply paste it in the backside of the door. When you need to use it close the door and use it and if you do not need it will not appear as it will be in the back of the door. You can also opt for a folding whiteboard.


I hope now you can get a proper idea of this topics. If you are curious to know, let me tell you that whiteboards are made of Melamine, Steel or aluminum, Hard coat laminate, Porcelain, enamel-on-steel, Polypropylene film or even from Tempered glass. You can obviously DIY a board for your needs. It will take some time but your own creation will be great if you do it properly.

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