If you are thinking about making a garden in your house then this is the right idea. The right place for the garden, the right gardener and the plants are needed. which plans will be best for your garden, today we will discuss it? We will discuss some of the plants here which is best for your garden.

What kind of plants would Be Best Plants For Home Garden:

First, consider what kind of plant you would like to plant in your garden. If you like flowering plants then you can think of making a flower garden. If you are interested in other beautiful plants like Money Plant then you can think of these Plants for your Garden.

Let’s know about some of the plants that will be best for the home garden because this plant easily grows up in small places.

List of Best Plants For Home Garden:

  •  Areca Palm: This plant is very leafy and you can put it on a pot in any corner of the house. This plant can also be grown in less sunlight and it will not be kept in the direct sunlight properly, because its leaves turn yellow due to sunlight. The length of this plant can be up to 30 feet long. This plant looks beautiful and it is helpful to isolate the xylene and toluene from the air. You do not need much labor and time for this plant, just keep the water according to the requirement to keep the soil moist.
  •  English Ivy: This plant needs light, if there is no ray of sun, in these plants may be pests. Once the water is put on these plants, give the soil a little dry before re-irrigating it.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant also grows in the incense or it also grows in the house, it does not require regular water when the pot gets drier then only pour water into it. It is a cold planet, and it also works as ayurvedic medicine.
  • Indian Basil: This plant grows easily in any place, it also works for the medicine, it purifies the air, it needs regular water and it also needs sunlight.
  • Dracaena: This plant can be up to 12 feet long, so place this plant in a place where there is no discomfort in growing it. It does not require regular sunlight, If its length increases, its leaves can be cut.
  • Ladies’ Slipper Orchid: This is a very beautiful plant, its flower bloom from between two leaves., its leaves are very deep. Keep this plant away from the sun’s light, give it water once a week.
  • Spider Plant:  This plant has a specific shape. Due to sunlight its leaves sometimes become brown, but soon it comes in its color.
  • Azalea: This plant is better for rain, its flowers are full of flowers throughout the week. This plant can be damaged by direct sunlight, its leaves can burn, if it is in a group then it looks beautiful.
  • Snake plant: This plant grows easily, it does not require any other care, it does not even need to give regular water.


I am also interested in planting, and about the plants, I told today I have planted these plants in my garden. I do not need to spend much time with these plants, and my garden is always beautiful and makes a home beautiful.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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