What You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Leak Detection

Did you know that 40 percent of building-related problems are directly related to water intrusion? Roof leak detection is vital for keeping both your room and your building in a safe condition. For this reason, you need to know how to repair roof a roof leak and have a clear picture of the roof leak repair cost.

Roof leak detection is the first step towards flat roof leak repair. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about the signs that you have leaks in your building.

Continue reading to learn about the ways to identify the signs of a roof leak, and the best ways to stop roof leaks.

Tips for Roof Leak Detection

There are a number of signs that will confirm that you have leaks in your ceiling. It is crucial that you keep your eyes open for signs of a roof leak before the damage becomes extensive and expensive to repair. Here are some clear signs that you’ve got a roof leak.

Water Spots

One of the biggest signs that you’ll encounter that show that you have roof leaks is the appearance of water spots on your ceilings. These water spots will show up as discolored portions of your ceiling. Not only do these discolored areas take away from the interior appearance of your commercial building, but they’re a clear sign of a roof leak.

It is important to get this roof leak looked at and fixed as soon as possible before it leads to extensive damage to your building. Click here to learn more about preventing roof leaks.

Bubbling Walls

Another clear sign that you have a roof leak is if you discover bubbling in your walls. This bubbling is a direct cause of water leaking through your building’s ceiling and making its way into your walls. This is usually accompanied by the water spots in your ceiling.

Low Spots With Dirt Rings

If you’re on the exterior of your building, a clear sign of a roof leak is a low spot with a dirt ring around it. This signifies an area where water pooled and leaked into your building. Another thing to keep an eye out for when it comes to your roof’s exterior is rips in the roof membrane. This is an easy access point for water entering through your roof.

Mold Growth

If you’re experiencing mold growth that seems random inside of your building it is a sign that you could have a roof leak. Water is the most important ingredient for the growth of mold in a building.

The attic is the area that is most susceptible to mold growth in your building. Mold growth is one of the first signs of roof leak detection for a building.

Water Dripping From Ceiling

Arguably the most obvious sign of a roof leak in your building is when water starts dripping from your ceiling. This could happen during a rainstorm or after a snowstorm when the snow begins melting. This is absolute confirmation that your roof is leaking and that you need to fix a roof leak.

Get Your Leaky Roof Fixed Today

It is important for the safety of your employees and your assets that you identify and fix a leaky roof as soon as you identify it. The best thing you can do is to focus on roof leak detection and look for signs of water spots and bubbling walls.

Another obvious sign of a roof leak is when water leaks from your ceiling. Keeping an eye out for mold growth is another key way to identify a leak in your roof. 

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