What To Know About Having Bed Bugs in Lubbock, TX

Bed bugs infest many apartments and homes, especially in more populated areas. They can lay eggs on your mattress, make your sheets smell musty, and even leave behind itchy bites. 

The real problem begins when you buy new sheets, a new mattress cover, and even a brand new mattress, but they don’t leave. This bug infestation can be a psychological and physical problem that can exhaust you but don’t worry; there are steps you can take to get them out of your life once and for good.

Bed Bug Prevalence in Texas

The more people live in a space, the more likely it is to end up infested with bed bugs. In other words, they reproduce better in places where people live in high-density areas, like in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, where they have a severe bed bug problem. While the area is five hours away from Lubbock, keep in mind that bedbugs can quickly travel that distance through luggage and clothes. That is why people should take cases in Lubbock seriously. 

Psychological Effects of Bed Bugs 

These bugs can make you feel that there’s no hope in exterminating them to restore everyday life. Many people dealing with a bed bug infestation describe feeling dirty, anxious, unsafe, and sad. Experiencing itchy bites every night and being reminded of the infestation by the bugs’ musty smell and staining droppings is highly distressing. It’s no wonder why some people can even end up with symptoms of C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Fortunately, these bugs are not known to carry any diseases even though their bite can itch. However, if you’re allergic, bites can swell, creating a rash similar to hives. If you tend to be sensitive to insect bites, be sure you have antihistamines on hand to deal with a bed bug problem. This infestation should be taken seriously as it mentally affects 81% of those who have experienced bed bug swarms. 

Steps to Take Right Now

  • Call in a Professional

As you might have figured it out, having bed bugs is not a DIY issue. They are too pervasive and resilient to be eliminated by at-home treatments. To ensure bed bugs are entirely eradicated, reach out to a professional bed bug exterminator.

  • Throw Away What Can’t Be Cleaned

Bed bugs are tenacious, and as unfortunate as it sounds, getting rid of items they may be living in is an important part of eliminating them. If you delay, they might disappear for a while, but only because they’re repopulating between pages of a book or in chair cushions.

So, you need to confirm that everything that you own is bed bug-free by treating items with chemicals or heat. If an item can’t be treated, you have to consider getting rid of it. Lastly, treat furniture after moving, as you might be bringing the infestation along with you.

  • Find a Place to Stay

A bed bug treatment can involve hazardous chemicals, so you don’t want to be inside your house breathing all of those fumes. Moving elsewhere while waiting for the problem to be fixed can also help temper the psychological effects of a bed bug infestation. 

Before you move into a new space, however, make sure that you’re not bringing anything with you that could possibly be transporting the bugs, or you might start a new infestation.

  • Wash Your Clothes—And Dry Them on High Heat

Sustained temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs. While you probably can’t create such a hot environment inside your home for long enough to kill them, there is one thing you can do with this information. Grab all of your clothes—even things you have not worn in a while that have been at the back of your closet—wash them, and dry them at the highest temperature possible.

You can also do this with any other item that can go through the dryer—for example, fabric covers, running shoes, floor mats, and towels.

  • If You’re a Renter, Contact Your Landlord

If the problem persists and you’re a renter, your landlord and neighbors need to know. In some cases, they’re legally bound to help you pay for the extermination treatment and the costs of cleaning your space and items that might be infected.

If your house or apartment has issues with bed bugs in the past, but your landlord didn’t warn you before you moved in, they might be liable.

Don’t Let Bugs Get Your Bed

Take bed bugs seriously, as they can be a nightmare in real life. They infest your bed and clothes, they bite you, they make you feel dirty, and they can even cause mental health problems if you don’t address them. 

However, not every bed bug has to become an infestation. Call a professional as soon as you see one bug, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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